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Friday, March 26, 2004

Living the life...going the long can I last?

Song of the moment: Shin - 離歌 (Li Ge)

I just got back from Gary's place in Bukit Panjang. He lives in a very nice, immaculately designed condominium. In fact, I am rather envious he lives in such a nice place. But no matter, I was actually there for Serena's Birthday celebration (Serena also brought her sister(?) along...she seems like quite a nice person). We had a barbecue down stairs by the swimming pool with the usual kind of food, you know like Satay, Hotdogs, Crab Sticks, etc. Now, I am beginning to think my poly class has some kind of intense liking for BBQ's. Still, at least the food was enjoyable and I did to an extent enjoy myself there (Gary has this really cute dog...). Of course, my only regret was that due to my slightly absent-minded nature, I forgot to bring Serena's Birthday present which I bought together with SJ.

Honestly, contary to what a few of my non-poly friends think, my personal life is not the smoothest of roads. Sometimes I do really crazy stuff and leave a "not-so-good" impression to the people around me. Then, there is also the matter of a certain girl in my class whom I kind of liked for quite some time. For some reason, I am beginning to think that she finds it difficult to talk or hang around me on a social basis. In between classes or during lunch, I find that she doesn't mix or talk with me unless absolutely necessary. Even during the BBQ, she said a grand total of two sentences to me (which involved a joke about SJ not being able to eat shelled seafood). I find it very...unnerving I guess... I guess the good thing is that she doesn't really affect me the way she did a few months ago (Recently, I find myself relating to experiences in various animes and books...perhaps this is similar to Ginny's (Read Harry Potter) situation in Book 4/5...minus the attatched part I guess...).

No one knows what will happen in the future, but we all should live our life the way we (and God) wants it. Lets just let the future decide for itself...

Monday, March 22, 2004

Reaching up for the sky...

Song of the moment: Hysteric Blue - Kakuteru (Spiral ED)

Ichinichi ga konna ni nagaku kanjiru no ni ichinen ga konna ni hayaku sugiteshimau
Ichinen wo konna ni hayaku kanjirunoni isshou wa donna umaku ikirareru deshou

(One day seems to feel very long but one year passes by very quickly...
One year seems to feel very quick but how well will I be able to live my life?)
Kakuteru by Hysteric Blue

Some days can flash by like a bolt of lightning, yet other days can pass by as slow as highway traffic on rush hour. Well as they say, times passes fast when you're having fun.
I met my "Xiao Mei", Olivia on Sunday. For one, I was late. Not a very good impression to give a girl on your first proper meeting. Of course, it wasn't really helped by the fact that I was secretly followed by three friends (and former schoolmates) of mine from church. I only found out when I was waiting for her outside Orchard Emerald and coincidentally glanced in the direction of MOS burger. I figured she was a bit surprised (or shocked?) to find a bunch of guys waiting for her (I was more annoyed than surprised, I should have expected something like that from Shu Wei...). She left straight away after I passed her a CD which I helped her write. Initially, it did give the impression that she was a little rude. However, considering there were three extra guys there and her drawing class had I guess its forgivable. Anyways, we did have a sizable SMS conversation later, lasting from 4 PM to 11:30 PM (She also broke my record for the number of SMSes sent to a single person in a day. I don't have the exact numbers but its probably around 60?). I've never had such a decent conversation with a girl ever before, so I figured it was an interesting experience.

Today in school, Natalie seemed to be more energized and 'Hyper' than usual. Probably a good thing I guess. F4 (Gary, Jon, SJ and Kris) or at least the ones who were present (SJ and Kris), Serena, Winnie, Ryan and I had a conversation with Keting about his BF, Ivan during lunch. I did find out a little bit about him, he's 21, doing his NS now. Apparently Keting and Ivan met online and they have been going out for about a month. Interesting thing is, Ivan, whether on purpose or not, seems to be dropping hints to Keting about 'going to the next stage', if you know what I mean. Like when a guy tells a girl that they should 'Strike when the iron is hot' and asks whether oral sex should be done before or after seems to be that he's a bit eager to do something 'different' with Keting (Still, he's quite bold and daring...a lot more than Gary anyways and that's saying something.). So we all advised Keting to be wary about his intentions and be on her guard in case something happens.

I am starting to feel that its not possible to start any kind of relationship with 'Her'. She just seems...a bit cold to me I guess. I would like everyone to know that I am not desperate (unlike...Ahem...a certain guy in my class) and I am genuinely interested in her. Look, I know you probably have no feelings for me but I really wouldn't like it to affect my friendship with you, alright? Yes it sounds stupid, but I really treasure the friendship I have with you...

Sunday, March 14, 2004

A not so good outing...and perhaps missed chances?

Song of the moment: 5566 - 守候(shou hou)

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a true these words are...

Sigh...even though common test week is finally over, school is back to normal, which essentially means that its back to 8am Monday mornings with Frau Soebekti (I think I got the spelling right...) in German class...sigh...

Went out on Saturday evening with a couple of my former schoolmates, JY, Chin Wah, John Chua and Bevan. Bevan, once again was late, even though this outing was organised as a belated birthday celebration for him. Since JY was opposed to going to Great World City to watch the movie, we went to Marina instead. As it turns out, we were 5 minutes late for the movie we were supposed to watch ("The Haunted Mansion" on Bevan's 'suggestion') and Chin Wah refused to watch a movie which had already started, we decide to walk around Marina Square and decide what to do as we go along. So, we went through Marina Square, then Esplanade and we ended up sitting down by the bay area to watch the boats and talk about life. If it wasn't for my insistence that we go watch a movie (I've already had 2 aborted movie outings this past month), it would probably have ended right there and then. Once again, we rushed over back to Marina Square to buy tickets for the next movie, which of course happened to be "The Haunted Mansion" (They wanted to eat first before the movie).

Well, I forgot to mention that I didn't want to watch "Haunted Mansion" because of mainly two reasons. Number one (Which should be the main reason, but on further thought...), it was because it was in my opinion, a lousy movie. Shallow story line, un-original jokes...Etc...the list goes on and on (Its true...). Number two was because a certain someone had issued an invitation to my poly class to go watch the very same movie two days before and I refused to go because of reason Number one. Now of course I think that I was a dumb fool not to accept that invitation because it probably would only have been the two of us and watching it with 'Her' was definitely a better proposition compared to watching it with them (No offence to you all...).

I was SMSing my "Xiao Mei" ("Little sister") Olivia today. Seems that she has her anime/manga drawing classes at Orchard Emerald on Sundays. Maybe I can meet her for lunch after church sometime?

So now, its back to 'normal', if you can ever call my school life normal. Well, struggling with homework, rushing through projects, copying answers from friends during tutorials, eating at Food Junction nearly everyday, not-so-secretly pining over a certain a girl from my class...that seems normal doesn't it?

Friday, March 05, 2004

Main event of the week...

Song of the moment: Mayday (五月天) - 武裝 (Wu Zhuang)

I come back home, a little tired and weary from the day's activities. Still, even though I did not achieve my main aim, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. In case you're wondering what were the 'day's activities', it was Angela Zhang Shao Han's concert at NYP's very own auditorium. I was required to go there as a reporter for the TNT (The Nanyang Times). However, I also went there as a casual chinese music fan (Please do note that I am only a 'casual' fan as I only listen to the occasional 5566, S.H.E song). So, being the opportunist that I am, I went to buy her CD so that I could get her autograph (and perhaps make a tidy profit selling the autographed CD...^_^). So after the 5 minute interview (where our team only got to ask 3 questions and the 'Spice' magazine team 4 questions...grrr...), I went to ask for her autograph, only to be promptly blocked by her manager/company spokesperson/or something important with the words, "There's a autograph session over the weekend". I was without a doubt a little disappointed and angry with that manager/company spokesperson/or someone important. I mean its only ONE autograph, no need to become so protective of her 'image' or whatever. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed getting 'up close and personal' with her, the front row seats for the concert and got to shake her hand, so it wasn't so bad.

Went for dinner with Wei Qiang from TNT/SEG after that at S11 Ang Mo Kio central (Enjoyed a very nice bowl of Bamboo Teriyaki Chicken Rice...oishii(delicious!)). He's a nice guy and all but I sometimes feel that despite the fact that I call him my friend, we still sometimes speak at different 'wavelengths'. Perhaps, I just need to communicate with him more often.

Yap Xiong was in NYP earlier in the morning to practice hockey. It was quite unfortunate that I missed meeting him(And Yap Xiong, you don't need a NYP student card to access the canteen, those AJC people come over to have lunch all the time). Probably a little mis-communication? Also got an invitation from John to go watch Big Fish tomorrow. I've kind of accepted, so just waiting for him to confirm the time.

Did I mention that I have a two tests next week and I haven't really started studying yet?

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