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Monday, September 24, 2007

A Signal of Intent

Song of the moment: YUI - Happy Birthday to you you

Itsumo chikaku ni ite
Tokubetsu na yume kikasete hoshii
Kore kara mo yoroshiku
Purezento mo aru yo omedetou!

Happy birthday to you you
Happy birthday to you you
Happy birthday to you you itsumo arigatou!
Happy birthday to you you
Happy birthday to you you
Anata ni okuru baasudei songu yo? OK?

(I want you to stay near me all the time
And tell me your special dreams
Hope things go well from now on
I’ve got you a present too, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you you
Happy birthday to you you
Happy birthday to you you, thanks for everything!
Happy birthday to you you
Happy birthday to you you
Here’s a birthday song for you, OK?)
Happy Birthday to you you by YUI
Thanks to for the lyrics!

It finally happened...after one false start, of course. On the actual day itself (right in the middle of my AYL meeting), I had received a piece of bad news from one of my co-conspirators, Jiawei, that Sandar had left for home, without any intention of coming back for FFW later that evening. Which left us no choice but to delay it till Sunday.

Well, at least it was a success on Sunday. Mostly went according to plan (Save for the candles...I mean, did you really expect me to put 9 small ones with 1 big one on a cake that small?) thus I would like to take this opportunity to thank my four musketeers, Angela, Andy, Jiawei and Michelle. Thanks you guys for supporting me all the way! I really appreciate the moral support you gave.

On a separate note, I would like all of you to welcome a new member to the Chia family, "Sirius".

Yup, his name is Sirius. Why did I name him Sirius? Because he's 'Black'? Honestly, I don't really remember myself. Anyways here are his "vital statistics"....

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33 GHz ($266)
Motherboard: Asus P5KC P35 ($289)
Memory: 2 x Corsair 1GB DDR2 ($136)
HDD: Western Digital 400GB SATA2 ($167)
PSU: Verudium Power Vortex 480W ATX 2.1 PSU ($72)
Graphics: XPERTVISION ATi 2600 Pro Sonic 256MB DDR3 PCI-E with HDMI ($159)
Optical Drive: Pioneer DVR-212BKR 18x +/- SATA DVD writer ($65)
Monitor: Samsung 226BW 22-inch widescreen ($449)
Speaker: Logitech X230 2.1 Speakers ($68)
Keyboard: Logitech New Touch USB (not shown in picture) ($16)
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder with Mantis Control Pad($89)
OS: Windows XP Professional ($100)
Casing: CoolerMaster Mystique ($99)
Others: Sony Internal Card Reader ($19)

Not sure if I missed anything else but damage is approx. S$1994.


(Sigh) In the end, is this your answer? Has my time yet to come? Are you reminding me to wait? But of course what I did was tantamount to announcing my intentions to the whole of D'Anchor...making it all the harder to keep my promise of not making a move till ORD...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

To make an impact...

Song of the moment: YUI - My Generation (Seito Shokun! ED theme)

atashi nara mada yareru hazudatte

gisei ni dekinai no wa
komi ageru kibou naku shitara mata michi ni mayou dake

jama nante saretakunai
wakatteiru no kakugo ga areba

itsu datte jiyuu yo

My Dream kowareru koto nante nai kara
machi kirenai kisetsu no naka aruki hajimeta no
utsumuiteta jikan wo tori modoshite
egaita yume wo tsuyoku shinji kireta toki kara kawaru Generation
Sixteen My Dream

(There are still things for me to do.

I won’t allow myself to be a victim,
If it wasn’t for this great rush of hope, I would only lose my way again.

Now that I am mentally prepared,
I will no longer be hindered.

As I’ve always been free.

Because my dreams are unshakable,
In the midst of an impetuous season, I began my journey
To reclaim the time that was lost to diffidence.
Since I entrusted myself to my dreams, this generation has been one of change.
Those dreams at sixteen.)
My Generation by YUI
Thanks to for the lyrics

So what happens when you put 2 ultra competitive people in the same room in front of a PS2? You get an extremely ridiculous show of oneupman-ship to watch, that's what. While I don't want to name any names, those on duty yesterday would know who I am talking about. Even my proposition to end the 'hostilities' ended up adding fuel to the fire. Thankfully, me and Sheng Yang had Fate Tiger Colosseum to pass the time while Jere had to wait for his turn at the PS2.

Speaking of the PS2, Persona 3 (my current game of the moment for PS2) puts a rather interesting spin to the typical action RPG game. BY introducing dating-sim elements into the game, it actively encourages you to think about what you want to pursue instead of just grinding your way to max stats (BTW, it's impossible to grind in the game since it adds a 'fatigue' rating to all your playable characters). There are moments where you'll have to choose between going out to eat ramen with a friend, swim team practice or student council meetings. Sigh...real life was never THIS busy...

Honestly, it was never my intention to actually do so much or go to such an extent to celebrate someone's birthday. I ended up organizing the whole thing, together with my team of 4 (musketeers, legendary heroes, friends or whatever you care to name them...LOL). Their identities shall remain a secret for now till after the event to properly ensure the success of the mission I have entrusted them.

Now, writing this Blog entry, I start to think whether what I am doing is right? Am I getting to far ahead of myself? Of course, my justification is that all I am doing is just planning a party, no big deal. Even friends do this, right?



I guess it is impossible to justify your own actions. I just don't want to crash and burn like the last time...

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