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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sizing up the Goblet...

Song of the moment: Izawa Asami - Fly Away (Eureka 7 2nd ED theme)

First on the agenda, I have finally watched Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Sadly, only with Wallz as company into Jubilee Screen 1. Nonetheless, watching Harry Potter will always be an enjoyable experience, whether alone or with friends (having friends who are HP fans with you will certainly enhance the experience though). Goblet of Fire finally introduces characters like Cho Chang (played by the rather cute Katie Leung) more in depth and signals the start of the war between the light and the dark with Voldemort's 'resurrection'.
I had rather high hopes for the show. However, by the end of the show, I left the theatre feeling very disappointed. Admittedly, due to the length of the book, it was expected that certain scenes had to be sacrificed in order that the movie not be too long/draggy. The cutting of the Quidditch World Cup final I expected as it did little to advance the plot however, certain scenes which I felt were crucial to character development were deleted and certain inaccuracies throughout the film really ruined the experience. For example, one of the more obvious 'inaccuracies' (and that's putting it nicely) will be that Neville, instead of Dobby gives Harry the Gillyweed for the second task. Another one will be the Yule Ball, where the 'Weird Sisters' became the 'Weird Brothers' in the film (instead of 3 gals, we get 3 guys instead). For the 'deleted' scenes, other than the Quidditch, the scene where Ginny tells Harry that she's going with Neville to the Yule Ball is missing, as is the scene where Hagrid reveals his half-giant status to Madame Maxime.

Best Scene in the movie: In my opinion, definitely has to be 'Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken...' though Voldemort's and Harry's duel, Yule Ball and the first task all came close.
Conclusion: Could have been a very good movie, but suffered from severe editing and feels rushed. Rating: 3/5

Went to eat lunch at Carl's Jr with Dad and Bro. Pretty good and the burgers were freaking gigantic. Tastes better than BK and more expensive too. Definitely not a restaurant I'll visit regularly. ^_^
Managed to get off 'slider' duty this coming Saturday but will still be coming early to meet Sandar to discuss Sunday's prelims. Those who come can look forward to playing a game called Scene It (at least that's what I call it, based off a real movie quiz game). Want to know how to play, find out this Sunday!

One more baptism class to go. Kind of looking forward to my baptism this Christmas. Especially since I'll be doing it with Sebastian, Daniel, Jia Wei, Angela and Wan Zhen. Still got my testimonial to write too. I was supposed to do it today but got side tracked everywhere I go. I'll try to finish it this weekend.

Lastly, I'll be leaving for HK next week so pass me your shopping lists and cash or forever hold your peace. ^_^

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Watching and waiting...

Song of the moment: Chrno Crusade OP Theme - Tsubasa Wa Pleasure Line

There are times when we long for something more than what we have now. What we fail to realize is that it may be more than what we require for now. For some, the longing, the waiting is longer than others...but the prize at the end is always worth it. I wish, I hope, I watch, I wait and I trust God, whatever the result...

Into the second week of school! The somewhat boring lectures, tutorials and lab sessions are back in full swing. Despite kind of falling asleep during one of yesterday's classes, all went well. I'll be doing the Infocomm project with Nat and Mobile Commerce with Ryan. Kiat and Wallz will probably stick to each other like glue for the rest of the semester when it comes to gaming and projects, which is as expected. Not much homework yet other then the usual tutorials, so no pressure for now.

Started playing this nice MMORPG called SilkRoad Online together with Kris and Ryan. Rather nice game, though somewhat reminiscent of other MMORPGs like Lineage 2 and Knights Online. Currently Level 14 so no job class yet. My character's name is Athrun86 in Xian Server. Be sure to add me as a friend if you're playing. Inadvertently, this game is causing me to neglect my KOTOR/FF VII/FM. Well, as long as it doesn't affect my studies...

Keith asked me to go for a Building Team(its basically the planning committee for D'Anchor) meeting yesterday. They wanted me to observe the meeting as they're mentoring me to take over in a couple of years(?). Sandar was supposed to be there to but due to some error in communication, Sandar never did get the notice to attend the meeting. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see the planning process behind SS and FFW. Also found out during the meeting that Moses and myself will be in charge of one of the SS events for the 1st Sunday of January next year, as will be Keith and Sandar for the 2nd Sunday. Hopefully, it won't clash with any of my school stuff. Also, if anyone has ideas for preliminaries, please inform either Sandar or myself as we will be in charge for the 26th of this month. ^_^

Goblet of Fire starts tomorrow! Anyone wants to watch it with me? Priority is on a first-come-first-served basis. Just leave a message on my tagboard if you're interested!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Back to school...for the last time(semester)!

Song of the moment: Hillsongs - One Day

More than I could hope or dream of
You have poured Your favour on me
One day in the house of God is
Better than a thousand days in the world

So blessed, I can't contain it...
So much, I've got to give it away,
Your love taught me to live now...
You are more than enough for me.
One Day by Hillsongs

Yes, its back to school for us Poly students! While we start the process of mugging once again, its just about to be the start of the holidays for everyone else(Pri/Sec/JC). Although thats kind of semi-depressing, its rather refreshing to be back in school once again. Especially for a Year 3 student like me, since it SHOULD be the final semester that I'll be studying in NYP (Of course, I have NO intention to repeat!). Of course, provided my results are good enough, I would want to go to the University to further my studies though using my current GPA, it would take a miracle for me to get in. Thus, I am hoping to use this final semester to try and drag up my GPA from a 2.5 to maybe a 2.8 or 3 if possible (though I think it may not be possible). So, three cheers for mugging!

After last week's movie outing with Melvin and KK, I kind of developed an allergic reaction of some sort, causing rashes and redness throughout my body. Felt utterly terrible during that time. My parents eventually concinced me to go to Mount Alvernia's outpatient for treatment. Got the medication and the reaction is about cleared from my system. Even though this is the second time that its happened, I still have absolutely no idea what I am allergic to. Though there's a distinct possibility that its VS shampoo (the shampoo is EVIL, pure EVIL!!! LOL), the doctor said it might be the seafood I ate before that. Further detective work is required for this case...anyone with any information should call me...hehe.

I guess its ineveitable to eventually talk about my first 2 days back in school. I've so far at least gone through the lecture part for all of my modules save Infocomm Systems Implmentation. Mobile Commerce and Mobile Computing seems interesting enough (though the usual introductory lecture was as boring as any other) and there's more JAVA (one of my somewhat stronger subjects) in JAVA Enterprise Development and Mobile Application Development. Strangely though, it seems as if the 4-5 mini projects that I'll be doing for the different modules all seem to have the same ides (which is basically creating a wireless application/system and sell it to your customers, must involve Client-Database communication). The only difference being the different technologies you'll be using in each module (eg: for mobile commerce (xHTML/ASP), Infocomm (ASP/Cold Fusion/XML). I am not really a database kind of person so it all sounds the same to me (^_^). Sigh, if anyone has any past year project samples to give, I am more than willing to accept them.

Yesterday, on the way to Baptism class in church, I felt God's power at work, kind of anyway. I boarded the 372 bus in the interchange and a couple of stops later, came Angela and Ken, followed by Sebastian and Daniel and finally Jia Wei, Jerline, Jessica and Amy over the next couple of stops. To most it may just be a kind of coincidence but I feel that God is just bringing us together in a rather weird way I guess. Also met the other cell leaders, including Sandar and Keith in church later.

Before I end of, I would like to announce that I have completed building my 1/100 scale Destiny! This being a gift from my good friend Melvin (in Australia right now...) and KK (in some Army camp? LOL), I would like to thank him for it. So here's a nice little link for you guys to see the pic.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Clarity of the heart...

Song of the moment: Full House(浪漫满屋) OST - Why

I think my heart is clear, I, I know that I...if God wills it, then it'll happen. I don't want to make the same mistakes again.

Greetings once again, from the land of Anthony Chia Wenhao! ^_^ I apologise for missing last week's update due to pressing commitments to Church and various other activities which I am involved in these past couple of days (some of which I will mention later in this entry). The last week of holidays have finally descended upon me and while I sadly have not achieved all the things in my 'Stuff to achieve' list (which you'll also see later in this entry), it certainly has been an enjoyable period, thanks to the presence of certain PC games, the PS2, my friends and family and most importantly, God's protection this holidays.

On the 24th of October, I went to my NS medical check up and got a PES B back. It was kind of expected so I wasn't surprised in anyway. At least it proves that I am a normal person. :D Wallz got PES C9, which basically means he doesn't need to take IPPT due to his low BMI and only has to go for a 7 week BMT. Jon, being as he is, gets a PES E. Kris, SJ and SF all got a PES A or B (can't remember exactly...). We all also got nice souvenirs from the nice people at CMPB, two very nice NS handbooks and a piece of paper showing our PES status. a couple of months I'll be switching Cell groups...sniff,

Yesterday, Samuel, Zhi Xiang, Angela and myself were leading a bunch of hyper-active Secondary Ones from Sang Kang Sec around Singapore on a Amazing Race/MRT Rally sort of thing. Had quite a bit of fun with them even though we got 3rd place out of four teams. I was a little tired after the whole thing was over. Somewhat remeniscent of the last time I went to help out at the SKSS orientation as I have mentioned earlier. Maybe there's something to be learnt here?

Watched the DOOM movie with Melvin and KK this afternoon. Really hadn't seen KK ever since I went over to SKMC. Strange how time passes, to think that about a year ago, KK was still worrying over his 'A's. Had a rather enjoyable time with them, especially since we won't see each other for awhile.

Now let's look at what I have achieved throughout this holiday!

Anthony's List of stuff to achieve during the holidays (in no particular order)

1) Complete Pokémon Leaf Green
2) Complete Final Fantasy 1
3) Build Gundam models - Destiny Gundam and Strike Rouge MG ver. (or at least complete Destiny, if not both)
(Well, it is 90% complete anyways)
4) Purchase 1/100 Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey Za Burrel Custom) Model from Sunshine Plaza/anywhere which sells cheap ORIGINAL models
4) Play Final Fantasy VII and complete it before I graduate from NYP
5) Play Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and complete it before I graduate from NYP
6) Play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and complete it before I graduate from NYP
7) Start going for daily jogs/exercise to prepare for NS
8) Watch a lot of VCDs/DVDs during holidays (maybe tomorrow? LOL)
9) Register at SSDC (Singapore Safety Driving Center) and hopefully get my Class 3/3A(?) license before I go into NS

Haha, looks like I haven't really achieved much. Regarding KOTOR and FF VII, it still remains to be seen whether I'll complete it before I graduate from NYP. Sadly, Star Ocean is still gathering dust in a dark corner of my PS2 games collection. Neither jogging nor learning driving (unless you count Midnight Club 3...) has featured at all during this holiday period. Looks like I need someone to push me along the way should I want to acquire a decent level of fitness or 'Driving no jutsu'.

As long as we have Christ in our vessel, we can Smile at the storm!

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