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Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday: Preview

Song of the moment: May'n and Megumi Nakajima - Triangular

I guess I was supposed to blog about AFA'08. However, as the quality pictures I took using X's camera has yet to be sent to me, I'll blog/review/comment/whatever-you-like-to-call-it about the two latest games I bought recently.

Left 4 Dead

L4D Pack

Packaging - Quite a unique packaging (folder/envelope thingy). I think E Club Malaysia did really well here, at least in terms of creativity. While it was quite practical and interesting looking, its kind of hard to stuff into a normal plastic bag.

Contents - Free mousepad and poster. Not fantastic looking but it was nice for a freebie. And of course, the game and CD key.

Gameplay so far - About the same as the demo I played two weeks back. Essentially a zombie/survival FPS. However, now with the multiplayer and single player all fully unlocked(?), it kind of makes the single player mode seem superfluous. Playing through the first 2 stages of single player seems to emphasize this. I guess players can use it as a way of getting to know the stage better before playing with others online. Otherwise, it seems quite fun.

Football Manager 2009

FM 09

Packaging and contents - Standard stuff. The usual "Games for Windows" packaging with DVD (yes, the first FM on DVD) and user manual.

Gameplay so far - It is somewhat disconcerting at first to play matches using TV mode (3D match engine, another first for FM09) after being used to the "moving dots" for so long. Of course, the 3D engine is not FIFA or PES-like but it's good enough for a management game. It does take a bit of getting used to though. My first team on the game is Huddersfield, one of the few teams without a manager.

Total damage - S$110

FM 09 and L4D

Will start blogging on AFA'08 once I get the May'n pics I took, sorry for the delay. In the mean time, take a look at some of my day 2 pics which I used my camera phone to take...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Song of the moment: Sheryl Nome - Diamond Crevasse

wasurenai yo, anata no nukumori mo,
sono yasashisa mo, subete tsutsunde kureta ryote mo

It’s long long good-bye…

sayonara, sayonara, itoshii hito
anata ga, ita kara, aruite koreta
hitori nanka ja nakatta yo ne?
ima, kotaeba hoshii

(I won't forget your warmth
Your kindness, and your hands that surrounded everything

It's long long good-bye...

Goodbye, goodbye, beloved one
If you were with me, I would've been able to walk here
I wasn't alone, right?
Now, I want the answer)
Diamond Crevasse by Sheryl Nome (May'N)

Been busy with school work, so not much time for blogging. Admittedly even though my computer is on half the time, its usually for school/church work, watching anime or TF2. ^_^

Watched Solo Flight Week 5 @ NAFA with Andy and his classmate the previous Saturday. Really impressed me and thus, I will be using it for my review assignment. Will probably be going on Thursday to watch the highlights of the series.

Went to have dinner with Yap Xiong and JY at Aston's Express in Serangoon last Saturday. I guess the food there is more or less the same as the one at Grand Cathay. Thanks to JY for helping me buy the Blood+ Complete Best album! I was actually afraid that it was going to be similar to the Taiwan/HK release, which just had 1 CD with the theme songs. So to see the Japanese version having an additional 'MV' DVD and lyrics book with personal interviews with the artistes really surprised me. Once again, thanks JY!

After much deliberation, I will now announce the official list of animes which I will be following for this Season (and 1 or 2 currently still undecided).

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka - Another one of those anime adaptations of a visual novel. Admittedly the animation quality is not as good as the more high budget ones but the kind of visual novel feel with all the prerequisite/typical female characters (like the Tsundere character, the mysterious girl, the non blood related sister, etc.) that kind of attracts me.

Clannad After Story - One of the current 'emo' romance shows I am following. Hopefully they'll do a 'Tomoyo After' anime...

ef - a tale of melodies - The other 'emo' romance show...hopefully will get to see more of Chihiro and Kei (especially Kei, since her relationship with Kyosuke wasn't really developed...).

Ga-Rei Zero - Wasn't really expecting much but the first two episodes really packed a punch and I got hooked after that. Started reading the manga thanks to the anime...

Gundam 00 Season 2 - Still giving me the Zeta vibes...

Shikabane Hime: Aka - By the same animation team which did Gurren Lagann. So far so good...

Tales of the Abyss - Thanks to the anime, I won't have to spend countless hours trying to complete the game...

Toaru Majutsu no Index - Pretty good so far. Want to see more of Misaka's character though...

Toradora - Another show headlined by Rie Kugimiya this season (the other being Akane Iro). Liked the manga. Let's see how it goes...

Undecided: Tytania, Jigoku Shoujo S3

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