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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain...

Song of the moment: Iwasaki Taku - "Libera Me" From Hell (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Insert Song)

I finally watched The Dark Knight last night (no pun intended). And it was AWESOME!!! The only complaint I can think of would be who can replace Heath Ledger as the Joker now that he's deceased...anyway, time for some spoilers and speculation about the next movie...
I thought that it was pretty cool how throughout the movie they were foreshadowing Harvey Dent's eventual fall from grace. Stuff like, "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." to Harvey Dent discovering the blackened side of his lucky coin. Heath Ledger also gave a brilliant performance as the Joker.
Speculation about the next movie: Personally, I don't think Two-Face is dead. I don't think its their style to create a villain and just kill him off half an hour later. Batman villains are usually recurring and besides, Batman doesn't kill people. An important clue to his fate would probably be his lucky coin. If you noticed carefully, you would see that that the coin landed right side up, which gives merit to my case that Two-Face is still alive and possibly be hidden in Arkham as Gotham's deep dark secret?
Something else which I didn't notice till Ying Xiang pointed out was what Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) said to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) when handing him his new bat suit. Lucius mentions that while the suit might not work against dogs, it will hold off "cats". This of course, triggers speculation that Catwoman might appear in the next movie. Personally, I would like to see Clayface and Penguin.


The Watchmen trailer is also out! Clearly its made for fans since no one else can tell who the bad guy is in the trailer. I am willing to lend you guys the Watchmen comic so as to promote the awesome-ness of Watchmen! As long as you have a good eye for stories and appreciate comic books as a form of literature, feel free to ask!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

To hold true to my feelings...

Song of the moment: Sheryl Nome - Infinity (Macross Frontier EP07 Insert song)

Zetsubou kara no tabidachi o kimeta ano hi
Atashi-tachi no mae ni wa tada kaze ga fuiteta ne

Tsutaetai kimochi hodo kotoba togire togire de
Nani mo ienai mama itsumo honto wa fuan de

Ashita ga moshi mo miete shimaeba
Hito wa yume o egaku koto mo naku ikiru deshou

(Remember, on the day we decided to escape this despair,
What lay before us was nothing but the passing wind?

The more feelings I have to convey, the more my words fumble.
Unable to tell you anything, the truth is I live in uncertainty.

If humans could somehow see tomorrow,
Then we probably wouldn't have to live on our dreams.)
Infinity by Sheryl Nome

Long time no update. Guess the slacker attitude from army hasn't quite went away yet. Really just can't find the motivation to do a lot of stuff (Even my Code Geass Guren Type 2 model is not done yet...). Let's pray that I'll be able to stop procrastinating by the time school starts in late August. In case you guys don't know, I'll be going to PSB Academy @ Tiong Bahru doing a degree in Communication (PR and Journalism) from University of Newcastle (Yup, its a double major...). I am hoping the switch from IT to Mass Communication won't be so bad. Actually, that's one of the reasons I am attending the optional University Skills course in PSB. It allows me to brush up my written English skills and at the same time, allows me to try and get back into the 'studying' mindset.

Also started learning how to drive at SSDC. Despite the ridiculous lesson fee ($72 for 2 hours!), I am trying to get my license before the end of this year (My original plan of trying to get it by October back fired cause I didn't book enough lessons at the start). Driving lesson kind of feel like tuition lessons now. You don't really want to go but you've already paid for it and you NEED the license.

I also went out for dinner with Melvin and Kow just now. Used the chance to catch up on a few old friends. Apparently those from Hakka who went to take the Occupational Therapy diploma in NYP have all broken their bonds and started studying in other disciplines (JY, take note!). Why? Well, who knows? A few others went to NUS/NTU while a couple of people from Barker are overseas. Before I forget, I would like to take this chance to wish Melvin good luck in his studies and Australia. I would also like to remind him (something which I forgot to do when we met up) about his adolescent wish to go see Emma Watson while studying in the UK. What happened to that? LOL...

Let's end this entry with the current HOT anime of this season, Code Geass R2! Shirley has been killed (by Rolo of all people...), and Lelouch is now in the angry/angsty, destroying the Geass Directorate to try to atone for his part in Shirley's death (which kind of explains the somewhat sudden development of her character and her increase in screen time for the past few episodes). Apologies to all Shirley/Lelouch shippers and people who consider them OTP (fanfic writers and readers will understand...), but clearly, its not going to happen. Honestly, the writers probably threw that in to try and allow some kind of understanding and probably future reconciliation between Lelouch and Suzaku, which is likely to happen but not before some really intense conflict between them. Anyway, I am working on a Shirley/Lelouch fiction which talks of her last moments (Death is like a theme for me can be seen in my previous Naruto fanfic, go check it out @ Speaking of which, I am a Lelouch/Kallen shipper though, and it kinda saddens me that she might start working with the Brittania (or at least with Nunally and Suzaku) side, at least for awhile. Hopefully, my Lelouch/Kallen ship is still possible as evidenced by their 'moment' in episode 9. Go go Kallen!
PS: Ying Xiang, Thanks for helping me buy the stuff from Japan! You rock!

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