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Sunday, December 23, 2007

What will come of my dreams for the future...

Song of the moment: YUI - Good-bye Days (Taiyou no Uta movie theme)

Katahou no iyafon wo kimi ni watasu
Yukkuri to nagarekomu kono shunkan

Umaku ai sete imasu ka? Tama ni mayou kedo

Oh good-bye days
Ima kawarihajimeta mune no oku alright
Kakko yokunai yasashisa ga soba ni aru kara
~With you

(I pass you one earphone
And in that moment, it plays slowly

Am I loving you right? Sometimes I get confused

Oh good-bye days
Now what’s in my heart has begun to change, alright
I have a clumsy tenderness by my side
~With you)
Good-bye Days by YUI

Hi guys! Back from a fruitful trip in KL and currently slacking in front of 'Sirius'... Thanks to my mom's laptop, I was able to keep abreast of the current 'anime' EP 11 of ef (gasp! Who would have thought...) and the last episode of Higurashi. But before I go too much into my KL trip, let's also look back on the week before the KL trip, where I met my old Poly mates for a gathering at Su Korean Cuisine Place at Far East for a mini-gathering.

Certainly, a couple of people were left out of the gathering, some on purpose, others by accident (not going to mention who is in what category, go figure...). Had a real fun time catching up with the guys like Che Wei, Jia Yi (You're rounder, Jon, SJ (Has ridiculously high pay for NSF...grrr), Kris and SF. The gals (Keting, Jodi, Feli) were there too. Had good food and a fun time catching up with you guys! Hope that there'll be another gathering like this soon, yeah?

Back to the KL trip, didn't do much sight-seeing per se save for KL Tower. The rest of the time we were shopping and eating. As I said earlier, it was a fruitful trip. This is my official purchase list (excluding Christmas gifts)

1) Newtype Dec 2007 issue (couldn't find Jan 2008 issue)
2) Cowboy Bebop TV series
3) Cowboy Bebop Movie
4) Perfect Blue DVD (Satoshi Kon...hmm)
5) Gedo Senki DVD (Underwhelming...)
6) Taiyou no Uta movie DVD (YUI!!!)
7) Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust DVD (there's Ryoko Hirosue and Abe Hiroshi...)
8) .Hack// Another Birth Vol. 3 and 4
9) 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam Dual pack set

KL trip: SUCCESS!!

Will post photos from trip and gathering soon. Till next time...

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