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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Pearl of The Orient is coming

Song of the moment: Full Metal Panic OP Theme - Tomorrow

This will be my last post before my Hong Kong trip starting tomorrow and ending on the 4th of December. Really hope I have a good time there. Let's see...what do I know about HK? They speak cantonese, which I hardly understand, they make really cool movies and...I guess that's more or less it. Guess I'll find out more won't I?

Got a rather long shopping list, a variety of Rugby products for Melvin, chewing gum for nearly everyone, one Chivas Regal 12 year brew for Jon, an Absolute Mandarin for Kris, a bunch of CDs for Shu Hui, a wallet for Cari-Ann's dad (??? You know, I am not obliged to buy anything for him...I don't even know him!!! But...oh well...) and a Christmas present for Cari-Ann (Seriously, can't I get one from Singapore?). There's also a request from Kenneth but he asked me not to reveal it so I guess I'll keep the secret...for now.

Well, if you would look at my tagboard, you would know that I passed all my subjects and even got 2 As. Thanks for everyone's help and prayers.

Went for a BBQ at Auntie Lay Kim's house last Friday. Apparently Ke Song and Terrence got new GFs. Not that its any of my concern, seriously. The "Anti-social" group, consisting of Shu Hui, Yi Hui, Daniel, Shu Wei and myself escaped upstairs with a box of Gelato ice-cream and ate it while watching Channel 8's 9pm drama which I for some reason can't remember its name. The Gelato was absolutely heavenly, although I probably gained a Kg or 2 as a result.

I also acquired new information about Melodie which I am in no position to divulge as a certain Melvin may visit my blog at anytime. In short, all I can do is wish Melvin the best of luck.

Call or message me by 7:30/8:00am on the 29th of Nov for any last minute request for item purchases from HK.

Good luck without me people!!! ;-P

Monday, November 22, 2004

A bump in the road is coming...

Song of the moment: Stefanie Sun - 奔(Ben)

My exam results are coming out in a couple of days time. Not really that nervous yet, I guess the fact hasn't really sunk in. I'll probably leave all my worrying till that day itself. To be honest, I don't really think I'll do too badly, perhaps a scrape or two but other than that, I see no reason why I shouldn't pass any of my modules.

Went on this printing press trip with the editorial team last Friday. Our guide was pretty alright and so was the tour. I wouldn't mind working in the printing industry in future. However, I realized I didn't bring my headphones for my MP3 player/Mobile and so I couldn't hear any of the songs in my phone. I was thus subjected to Juliza's pathetic attempts at singing chinese songs (Puke...bleah...) and offkey renditions of Jay Chou and 5566 songs by my juniors in the bus. (It was part of a 3 day CCA camp) Thankfully, I chose not to stay overnight with them in school (I feared for my sanity).
Now, one might wonder why wouldn't a guy like me grab a chance at staying overnight with a bunch of girls. The reason for it being is that the girls are...cute (check proper definition of 'cute') and that I would be the only guy there (Does that even qualify as a reason for not going? Shouldn't it really be more of a perk??). Even though there were one or two rather alright looking girls, I felt it wasn't really worth the effort.

I also sprained my ankle yesterday playing soccer with the guys from church. Still, I made a couple of good saves as keeper and a few good blocks as defender before and after my injury. Thankfully, its only a minor sprain but it'll still keep me out of the gym for a couple of days though.

Anyway, wish me luck for my results people!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The fun begins...

Song of the moment: Morning Musume - Shabondama

I feel very weary today. Most likely (or rather IT IS the reason) due to yesterday's trip to the gym with Melvin. My aching muscles testament to the fact that I haven't exercised for a long time. I'll probably join him again soon though...

To entertain myself during the holidays, I've bought a couple of PS2 games and a Gundam model kit (GAT-X102 Duel Gundam AssaultShroud) to build. Depending on my finances, I may buy another model kit (Probably Aegis or perhaps one of the Strike series?). I am also downloading a couple of movies from to watch (In case you don't know, I've switched to a cable connection for my internet and am making full use of the extra bandwidth).

Not much to say today, but good luck to those still taking exams. Planning to invite the old gang out again. Look out for my call. I also added a tag board to my blog so feel free to type your comments or whatever there.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Temporary relief...

Song of the moment: T.M Revolution - Ignited (Gundam SEED Destiny OP)

yasashii sono yubi ga owari ni fureru toki
ima dake, kimi dake shinjite mo ii darou
dare mo ga kuzureteku negai wo motome sugite
jibun ga ochite yuku basho wo sagashiteru

kizutsukete yureru shika deki nai
zawameku omoi ga bokura no shinjitsu nara

(When those soft fingers reach in the end,
Only now, only you, won't that be all you can believe in?
Everyone is breaking down, searching too long for a wish
You're looking for a place where you can land

Wounded, unable to stop shaking
If these murmuring feelings are indeed our reality)
Ignited by T.M Revolution

Haven't blogged for quite sometime. The reason for it being rushing to meet project deadlines and studying for exams. Now that my exams are over, I am free to blog all I want.

Recently, thanks to Jon, I've been listening to a lot of Morning Musume. If you're wondering who or what are they, they're a popular J-Pop group in Japan which consist entirely of females (My personal favourites are Asami, Mari and Reina ^_^). Also, every year they hold auditions to introduce new members and 'graduate' current members to keep the group fresh. So, its all Jon's fault that I am so crazy over them at this point of time.

I also just watched Episode 3 of Gundam SEED Destiny. The story is progressing nicely. There's really something captivating about Mecha anime, especially Gundam. I mean, which male anime fan can resist people and robots fighting to save the world? (^_^)

It's confirmed that I'll be going to Hong Kong from the 29th of November to the 2nd of December. Anyone who wants me to help him/her buy stuff from Hong Kong should make out a list ASAP and pass it to me. First-come-first-served basis.

To friends who are currently in the midsts of their exams, 'O' and 'A' levels: You'll be in my prayers! Remember to study hard! Gambatte!
Note to all friends: Anyone have any interesting FREE MMORPGs (other than RO and Maplestory) to recommend? Got to kill some time during the hols you know?

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