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Friday, August 22, 2008

Its not the end, its just the beginning..

Song of the moment: FLOW - World End (Code Geass R2 2nd OP song)

Kudakechitta yume o asu no hate ni hibikaseru you ni
Sekai no owari de umareta hikari bokura hitotsu ni
Ima kaze no naka

(So to let shattered dreams echo to the edge of tomorrow
Light was born at the world’s end; we become one
Now in the wind)

Phew...the 22nd of August is about over, which means my birthday is about over too. Thanks to all who sent messages to me on this special day. I really appreciate it. Thanks also to my dad who bought cake and pizza for dinner and my friends at SKMC, who also bought cake on Tuesday to celebrate. Like the Tee-Shirt that Sally and youth ministry got me (though I really need to clear out my wardrobe soon).

I also went for my school orientation yesterday (PSB Academy @ Tiong Bahru doing a University of Newcastle degree in Communications). It was typical really, going through the school history, alumni, lame orientation games (got a few laughs out of it though) and stuff like that. Saw a couple of cute girls too (lol). I also met up with Melvin, whom I met during the Uni preparation class. He's doing the IT degree. Really hoping that I'll find school more enjoyable than Barker or NYP.

I got a new fanfic up a few weeks back. Its the Code Geass one I was talking about 2 posts ago. Go check it out @ Be warned though that there's character death (which is canon, of course). My writing is not there yet and I am striving to improve the quality of my fics after not writing for 4 years. So, feel free to give your (brutally) honest reviews. Lol...

Now to my anime/movie rant. I watched Murder of the Inugami Clan on Wednesday with Jiazhi @ AMK Hub. Overall, the movie was pretty good. It was nicely paced and had minimal action sequences, unlike today's kind of thriller movies, which has an insatiable desire to throw on an action sequence every 10 minutes. Every scene was purposeful and the movie had its share of comedic moments. Some scenes were rather unrealistic and corny (spurt of blood on the fusuma or sliding door every time you see the person being killed) but I think of it rather as the movie paying homage to the 1976 original (Its the same director, btw...). One thing though which bothered me and Jiazhi was the appearance of a modern day cabin cruiser (go wiki it if you don't know) or at least something which looked like it. I mean, was it invented before 1947 which the movie was set in? Other than that, I thought the movie had a unique, quirky old school charm which should appeal to the more intellectual movie goers.

Code Geass R2 is still going on. Its episode 19 now. Nunnally is dead(?) and the Black Knights have betrayed Lelouch. Lelouch, having lost everything, has declared vengeance upon his father, the Emperor. The so-called "forgiveness/redemption" theme in the series hasn't really been built upon the past couple of episodes, considering what has happened (Suzaku "betraying" Lelouch, firing of FLEIA, etc.), I think it's understandable. I can see Suzaku someway or another joining Lelouch, despite his so-called crazy laughter at the end of episode 19. I am also convinced that it'll end with a Lelouch/Kallen ship, considering all that has happened("You must live on, Kallen", among MANY others...).

Another anime I am currently watching is Macross Frontier. I am just hoping Alto makes his choice soon. This love triangle thing has dragged on for way too long without any sort of significant relationship development with either girl. I am hoping that he does choose Sheryl in the end. I mean, the girl is pretty, strong willed, independent, cares for the guy (though not as open as Ranka) and she's dying of a terminal disease. Wouldn't it be a shame NOT to choose her? That being said, not that there's anything bad about Ranka but I think Sheryl is more deserving of a relationship with Alto.

BTW: Watchmen comic is still available. Feel free to borrow from me!

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