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Friday, July 31, 2009

Time for a laugh

Time for a laugh

Song of the moment: K-On! Girls - Cagayake GIRLS (K-On! OP theme)

It's been a long time...I would really like to say that I've been busy but it's more like I've been distracted by Plants VS. Zombies and FM09.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is because of something I saw online...
I was checking out the Picturehouse website to check out what movies they were bringing and I was glad that they were going to show Moon, a sci-fi thriller that I was looking forward to as well as Evangelion 2.0 (with the release dates set at August 27th and September respectively)...


...which was all cool until I took a closer look at the Evangelion 2.0 entry...

fake poster

The poster and the tagline looked really weird to me and I thus did some research and found this link. Evidently whoever is posting the poster up on the website "googled" the wrong picture or something like that. I just informed Picturehouse through their online feedback system if others haven't already done so. A quick check online has revealed that it has been up for some time and some people have already noticed this discrepancy. Let's see how long they take to resolve this...

Regarding the anime I am currently watching, I am considering dropping Sora no Manimani as I haven't got around to "acquiring" the second episode and the first episode isn't really great so we'll see how it goes. I also haven't got around to "acquiring" Taisho Yakyuu Musume. On the other hand, I am getting excited about Bakemonogatari and Spice and Wolf S2. While some might say Spice and Wolf might not exactly be very engaging but I do enjoy the drama and the romantic aspects of the show as well as the chemistry between the Lawrence and Holo (which is very likely due to Koshimizu Ami and Fukuyama Jun's own chemistry with each other...). Bakemonogatari is SHAFT at its best and with Akiyuki Shinbo directing and Hiroshi Kamiya as the male lead, it looks like its going to be awesome...hopefully anyway.
I will probably post up a short commentary once the Endless Eight arc in Haruhi ends to perhaps give my thoughts and opinions on this "controversy"...

Update @ 2305HRS: Looks like they finally changed the poster...fake synopsis is still there though...

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