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Monday, October 18, 2004

I am done with waiting...

Song of the moment: See-Saw - Anna ni issho datta no ni (Gundam SEED 1st ED theme)

anna ni issho datta no ni
yuugure wa mou chigau iro
semete kono tsuki akari no shita de
shizuka na nemuri wo

unmei to umaku tsuki atte yuku nara kitto
kanashii to kasabishii nante itterarenai
nando motsu na gatta kotoba wo muryoku ni shite mo
taikutsu n yoru wo tsubu shita ii n da ne

(We used to have so much together,
But the dusk is already a different shade.
At least I can sleep quietly in the moonlight.

If the moon and my fate were to pass away,
wouldn't I surely be sad and lonesome?
How many times did you not want to hold me?
My powerless words can pass the weary night.)
Anna ni issho datta no ni by See-Saw

Lots of new stuff and happenings these past two weeks. Apologies are first and foremost though, for not updating last week. Anyways, Gundam SEED Destiny had its debut on the 9th of this month. Already watched the fansubbed version of it obviously. Although Impulse Gundam's core fighter system and its merger sequence irks me to no end, its storyline and both old (Cagalli and Athrun ROCKS!!!) and new characters (Lunamaria and Stellar...(drool...)) keeps it enjoyable. So now I am eagerly awaiting episode 2.

Serena has broken up with her boyfriend, Alfred...and Natalie has found a new boyfriend(a former(?) colleague apparently). I am happy for her of course...provided she really likes the guy and he really cares for her, I have absolutely no problem with her getting into a relationship. I don't want to be the kind of guy to be kept waiting and pining for someone who has obviously indicated how she feels. We should all move on...(yes, I am referring to YOU! Stop waiting and move on...). Hold on to your happiness and go forward...and I'll find my happiness too.

Project deadlines, common tests and exams are starting to rear their ugly heads (and bodies too...). Two projects uncompleted and no studying done for upcoming tests and exams but I should probably make it through to Year 2 Semester 2 without repeating any subjects. We're all starting to feel the pressure now. Let's all pray for strength and concentration through this tough period.

PS: I met Mark Thomas again at Bishan MRT after a period of like one and a half(?) years without seeing him. Spoke to him awhile on the mobile after a quick exchange of numbers before the train door closed. Glad to see he's still alive (or not? Lolz...). He's taking his 'A's at St Francis so good luck to him then.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Things change, people change, feelings change...or do they?

Song of the moment: T.M Revolution - Meteor (Gundam SEED Insert song)

furitsumoru tsumi wa yasashisa ni
toge wa emi ni kaete yukeru nara

chiru magiwa no hana no
todokanai sakebi nimo nita
inori no hakanasa ga
motomeru setsunasa ga
futari no deatta toki o yurasu

nageki hikari nami ni nomare
itami no naka kimi wa mezamete
kizutsuketa kara dekiru kizuna ga
kodoku o ima egaki hajimeru

(If the sin that falls and covers everything turns to kindness
and if a thorn could become a smile

Like the unheard scream
of a flower before it falls
The pain that searches
for the fragility of a prayer
stirs the period when the two of us met

The grief and the light are swallowed up by the waves
and in the midst of all this pain, you awaken
This bond that could be created because
we were hurt is beginning to paint over the loneliness)
Meteor by T.M Revolution

Went to Gary's house for a BBQ on Sunday. Food was alright and I didn't know a third of the people there. Of course, I had to make the mistake of being the first one from my class to reach there. I always thought that the one delivering the cake should always come last. Towards the end though, I wasn't really participating in the revelry, but rather just sitting by the Hi-Fi system, enjoying the music. But in the end it worked out okay. Got a first look at Gary's new GF, Belinda too. To SJ and Jodi: Please stop analyzing the way I eat my food, nothing good will come out of it.

I also got assigned to write an article on any performing arts group (provided they have had at least one performance in the past three months or have one upcoming) for TNT. So I asked Amanda to pass a list of questions to the CO president for her to answer. Hopefully, I'll get it back on time.

Had a good talk with Yap Xiong on the phone yesterday. Nice to know he's still surviving JC life. Unless something happens, I'll probably meet the guys this Friday. Remember YX, when the time comes, it'll work itself out.

It's also my Xiao Mei, Olivia's birthday this Thursday, so I'll start by wishing her an early Happy Birthday!! With lots of love, hugs and kisses from me of course! ^_^

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