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Friday, October 21, 2005

Halfway through...

Song of the moment: Saeki Mio & Shiraishi Ryoko - Daiji Da.I.Ji (Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ OP)

Its more or less halfway through what might be my last school holiday and what have I achieved? Not much's been the usual slack slack slack kind of holidays. Or rather, to be more specific, its been KOTOR/FF VII (Looks like I am starting to neglect my PS2...), anime, Destiny Gundam, manga, eating and sleeping. However, things might get a little busy from next weeks onwards, thanks to my involvement in various church activities.

First up, there's the Bay PC setup. Since the anti-virus and Office software hasn't arrived yet, I haven't been able to do anything with the PCs. But with the various software's arrival next week, Sally has asked me to come over next Tuesday to help Tat Him 'upgrade' the Church's PCs. This I shouldn't have any major problem with.

Number 2, there's this Amazing Race-like thing coming up which Oikos is organizing for one of the secondary 1 classes in SKSS (Sengkang Secondary) and Angela, Samuel, Zhi Xiang and myself will be involved in leading the groups. Also, thanks to the weird coincidence of me being the oldest among the volunteers, they conveniently appointed me the leader, requiring me to report straight to Jackie (one of the Oikos people) for the event. This is rather reminiscent of the last time I was at SKSS for their Secondary 1 orientation before I went into NYP. Somehow, I am sure leading a bunch of Secondary 1's around Singapore shouldn't be as bad as I am dreading it to be...but the fears do remain.

Lastly, the youth will be going to Aloha Changi next Friday and Saturday. It will be a overnight thing with the usual BBQ, games etc. I've signed up for it, though I haven't paid the fee yet (:-P). I still don't really feel 'enthu' about it yet though...especially since I still don't really know who will be going on that day. Hopefully, I'll enjoy myself somehow or rather.

Regarding my list of stuff to achieve this holidays, there hasn't been much progress. No daily jogs yet, but I have been going out quite a bit. For example, going all the way to Causeway Point to watch GOAL with Kris, KT, Jon and SJ. (Note: Pretty nice movie for Football fans, though a bit cliche...) Haven't purchased Blaze Zaku Phantom or played Star Ocean yet but I am playing FF VII and KOTOR and I am halfway through Destiny Gundam so I suppose that's some consolation.

See you guys next week for my next post...if I don't forget...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time for change...

Song of the moment: Hitomi Shimatani - Angelus (Inuyasha 6th OP)

Once again, it's time for my weekly update. It's been a rather uneventful week which basically consists of me playing the PC/PS2, building my Destiny Gundam 1/100 model, reading manga, eating and sleeping. In short, it's a little BORING but nonetheless un-stressful and for this, I am thankful to God for giving me this period of rest.

My dad is starting to bug me about going to SSDC to register for driving class. Not that it's much of a bother or anything (though admittedly, I am feeling a little bit lazy) but it's just that I don't feel the need to get a driving license or at least start taking my theory tests at this point of time. The only good thing about getting a license now would be that I'll be the one driving on weekends to fetch the family around to church, etc. I don't have a girlfriend YET to bring out on dates neither am I working at this point of time. Perhaps it does sound a little self-centered in a way but seriously, how regularly am I going to drive my dad's 1.8 liter Toyota Corolla Altis? (Of course, I wouldn't mind the opportunity to drove Gary's BMW...)

I've also started going to the SKMC Baptism Class with a view of getting baptised this Christmas and officially be a member of SKMC. Maybe I am at this moment not yet ready to get baptised but I feel that it's something I need to do. To show that I am willing to take the step for Christ, for God's will to be worked through my life. Not only that, of course. There's also the spiritual side of things, a way of cleansing, repentance and regeneration. I find it, in a way, pleasantly surprising, the way God works. Everything started last March(?) when there was an opportunity for me to go to HKMC's baptism class. I am really assured in the way it comes sort of full circle, for me to be baptised in SKMC. Just as a side note, it's good to know that I won't be the only 'young' person there as there's Sebastian, Angela, Wan Zhen and Daniel to accompany me on this 'journey'. I thank God for that.

My CG was given the news last week that Sandar may not be our ACL any more as Sally plans to re-shuffle our current Cell Group arrangement. How Sally plans to re-shuffle the CGs I don't know but if it really turns out that Sandar will leave our CG, be assured that we will all miss you Sandar. Despite half the Cell's tears of joy at the news of your possible departure, know that we will all miss you...especially me (;-P).

A short anime update for all you anime fans out there. The subbed version of Mai Otome is out. Being a sort of sequel to Mai HiME (Basically the only things which have been brought over from Mai HiME are some of the characters, everything else, including the storyline is completely different), I was really looking forward to it. Especially my favorite character, Natsuki. Blood+, the prequel(?) to 2000's Blood - The Last Vampire has taken over GSD's timeslot. Honestly, I am not really looking forward to this anime, even though people say that it's a lot better than GSD. I guess vampire animes don't really suit my taste.

PS: Haha, sorry I forgot about your Birthday...anyways, Happy Belated Birthday to Jia Wei!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you...

Song of the moment: See-Saw - Kimi Wa Boku Ni Niteru (Gundam SEED Destiny 4th ED)

nani mo shiranai hou ga shiawase to iu kedo
boku wa kitto manzokushinai hazu dakara
utsuro ni yokotowaru yoru demo
boku ga eranda ima wo ikitai sore dake

kimi no hayasa wa boki ni niteiru
hadome no ki ga nakunaru sora ga kowakunatte
boku wa itsumade ganbareba ii no
futari nara owaraseru koto ga dekiru

(To know nothing may be happiness
But I know I surely won't be satisfied with that
Even though the night may stretch out infinitely
I only wish to live the path I've chosen

Your speed resembles mine
Losing the will to stop, I become fearful of the sky
When can I stop working hard?
If it were the two of us, we can end it)
Kimi Wa Boku Ni Niteru by See-Saw

^_^ The holidays have finally started for me!! (Loud cheers and confetti in background) My attachment at NCS Pte. Ltd has finally ended on a somewhat okay note (My supervisor gave my attachment group one box of Ferrero Rocher's each, although there might be a reason to that...) and I've received my pay from the company (My Cell Group stares at me with puppy dog eyes and tails wagging, begging me to treat them to Sakae Sushi for cell out). Hopefully, should I ever return there, I'll be the person who owns the building, lol.

Thus, my post-attachment/pre-study semester program begins. Throughout the last semester, I've been mentally compiling a list of things to do during this 5 week period. So, to satisfy the curiosity of the masses (namely anyone who's reading this), I shall post the current (as of 10:30PM, Singapore Time on the 6th of October) list of things which I wish to achieve during this holidays.

Anthony's List of stuff to achieve during the holidays (in no particular order)

1) Complete Pokémon Leaf Green
2) Complete Final Fantasy 1

3) Build Gundam models - Destiny Gundam and Strike Rouge MG ver. (or at least complete Destiny, if not both)
4) Purchase 1/100 Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey Za Burrel Custom) Model from Sunshine Plaza/anywhere which sells cheap ORIGINAL models
4) Play Final Fantasy VII and complete it before I graduate from NYP
5) Play Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and complete it before I graduate from NYP
6) Start going for daily jogs/exercise to prepare for NS
7) Watch a lot of VCDs/DVDs during holidays
8) Register at SSDC (Singapore Safety Driving Center) and hopefully get my Class 3/3A(?) license before I go into NS

This list might continually change throughout this holiday period depending on various circumstances so do keep a lookout for any changes. At the end of the holiday (if I remember), I'll once again review the list and see what I have achieved throughout the holidays. How nice, its been so long since I did something like this...

Anyways, I've started building Destiny. Completed the head and the chest. All that's left is the torso, the two arms and legs and whatever weaponry which belongs to Destiny, which is actually quite a bit. I'll post updates of my progress in building this model and any problems which I feel that you guys can help me with in this blog. Also went to play badminton with a couple of my classmates (SJ, Jon, Kris, Jodi, Winnie, Feli, Ryan and SF) in school (Or rather it was actually 8 people - 1 since Feli didn't play). Started out alright (my serve is still horrible though) but the fact that strenuous physical activity is not a part of my life really showed halfway through (Another reason for list item no. 6). My left arm feels a bit funny now due to the above strenuous activity. Hopefully it won't be too sore tomorrow morning.

Just about an hour ago, I finished watching the last episode of Gundam SEED Destiny. The ending was somewhat predictable though I was hoping that one of the major female characters (other than the villan and his subordinates) to join the list of deceased people in the show (Clue: Definitely NOT Cagalli). Nonetheless, the action scenes didn't let me down except that a lot of the Gundams (Basically big big robots with cooler weapons and designs than the 'cannon fodder'. Just FYI) were destroyed/incapacitated in this last episode (actually, I should have expected this considering the last episode of SEED also had a lot of destroyed Gundams). Now waiting for the next series in the Gundam universe...maybe a 'Gundam SEED: Shinn's Counterattack' ? Who knows...

There's no point in writing what won't be read or saying what will fall on deaf ears...just give up what was never meant to be...

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