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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Let me treasure my remaining time here with you...

Song of the moment: Gackt - Mind Forest (Gundam Z: A New Translation - Lovers ED theme)

koboreru hikari no naka, tawamureru kimi o mita
yureru kibi no koe kara hohoemi ga ukabu
kowarete kieta yume o itsumademo ooikaketa
shinayaka na yubisaki wa setsunasa o hakobu

kaeranu toki no towa no hakanasa ni
te no todokanai basho ni tsuresarareteiku
azayaka ni saita donna hana yori mo
kimi to no omoide ga utsukushikute

(Inside of the overflowing light, I saw your flirting self
From the voice of the wavering trees, a smile floats to your lips
I forever chased the broken down dream
A graceful fingertip carries pain

Into the eternal transience of the time we cannot return to
You're being taken away to the place no one can reach
More than any flower that brightly blooms
My memories with you are beautiful)
Mind Forest by Gackt

So it seems I have been my usual self and have missed last week's blog update. Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for me to update (IF there is anyone...). Have been rather busy with Journey To The Cross (or JTTC for short) event preparations and lots of other miscelleanous stuff (From taking Reading FC into the Prem in FM 2005 to conquering a planet in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri). To be honest, it's quite hard for me to run out of things to do really, with one more SS lesson to prepare, VCD/DVDs to watch, movies to catch at the theatres, 2 MG Gundam models to build etc...but it's trying to make each day I spend meainingful. Especially since I won't be here for very much longer...

...Not that I am on my death bed or anything but two weeks ago, I received my green MINDEF 'love letter'. It's confirmed that I'll be going to the SAF 'holiday resort island', Palau Tekong, on the 10th of June, 2006. I've heard from a reliable source that I'll most likely be assigned to 'C' or 'F' coy. Am I worried? No...well, not yet anyway. I'll probably only start worrying the 2 or 3 days leading up to the 10th. I guess you guys can start praying for me and giving me tips on survival and essential army items, lol.

Obviously, this has got me inadvertendly thinking about OTHER stuff and a certain conversation I had with 2 other people on an MRT home from work. I am prepared to wait it out. To see how God guides me regarding this. But how many times have I said this only for me to waver a few weeks later? Will my resolve last this time round? I really don't know, after all it's not a matter of faith but rather, it's a matter of the heart. Will I want you 2 guys to keep that promise you made then? Lol...while I really would like you 2 to 'hold the fort' if you get my drift, part of me thinks it's better to go with the flow, see how God deals with this. For all I know, you 2 would probably have forgotten that conversation by now...

Journey To The Cross (SKMC D'Anchor Holy Week event for youths) went well. The preparation for it was tiring, hectic and a little bit rushed but we made it in the end. For the uninitiated, Journey To The Cross is basically a prayer station event. Each prayer station focusing on a part of Jesus' journey to the cross, hence the title. I can see the youths really experience Jesus' journey to Golgotha as they went thorugh the stations. I also talked to a few people and got a couple of positive reviews, which I am quite happy about. I'll be meeting the rest of the organising committee on Saturday for a debrief so we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday, I was asked the question, "What do you daydream about?". I guess an honest answer would be about the future, the unknown. About army life, about where I might be assigned after POP, about ORD-ing, about university and probably most of the time, about HER.
(I'll be lying if I say that I've never thought about what we might be like together as a couple. While I don't have any unrealistic expectations about US, I do have dreams. But a dream will always remain a dream...for now at any rate. Only God knows what the future might hold for ME and for YOU...)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The best way to learn is to teach

Song of the moment: Minawo - Tenohira no Hikari (Melody of Oblivion ED theme)

nee, chiisana koe
totemo kanshiku hibiku yo
boku wa damatta mama de
hoshi o kazoeru kimi o miteiru kedo

nemurenai yoru demo
asa wa kitto matteru kara
atarashii hikari ni
te wo nobazeba kimi wa ikiru tsuyosa o
te ni ieru

(Well, your small voice,
It echoes so sadly.
I am silenced,
Watching while you count the stars,

Even on these sleepless nights,
Morning is surely waiting.
If you reach out your hands,
For the new light,
Then you'll obtain the strength to live on.)
Tenohira no Hikari by Minawo

Once again, I am back with a slightly delayed entry. I've been busy with the preparations for the Easter event, SS teaching and...Football Manager 2005 (Speaking of which, I've just been sacked from my position as West Brom manager (after 2 1/2 seasons and a UEFA cup final...those ungrateful %*&$#) and am now the new 'boss' of Reading, who have just been relegated from the Premiership...). Yes, 'SS' as in 'Sunday School'. I've been assigned to teach Sunday School for the month of April in place of Keith, who seems to be enjoying married life and is taking the chance to sit back and relax during SS. Anyways, my first SS teaching experience went quite alright though some people said that I refer to too many scripture passages, which is quite true (well, I was just following the material...). I, of course, aim to improve and hope that I can become a better teacher. So to all my peers, "Qing Duo Duo Zhi Jiao!".

Now to back track a bit to last week, Keith's wedding on the 25th of last month was fun. I guess it's been ages (actually, I can't even remember) since I last went for a Wedding ceremony. You could really sense that romantic mood in the air during the ceremony. Lots of the girls took the opportunity to dress up and well, you all looked real good (Well, some of you know what(or rather...) I mean, right?). Food was great too. I also met up with lots of the HKMC people during the reception (like the other 'Chia' family, Paul and Andrew to name a few). I guess it added a sense of nostalgia to the event in a way...

Watched 'The Hills Have Eyes' with Ryan and Winnie on Tuesday of last week (28th) at J8. I ran (or rather he ran, since he saw me first) into Zhiliang right at the theatre. Apparently he was on leave and was watching the movie with a friend. Quite an interesting coincidence, anyway, the movie was just your typical, overly clichè zombie horror movie with lots of blood and gore. Definitely not a movie you would like to bring your date to on a romantic day out. While the concept was somewhat interesting (human who become 'freaks' after constant exposure to radiation due to nuclear bomb testing by the US government), it was just as I said, overly clichè and typical. You can almost predict the storyline 5 minutes into the movie. A waste of money (well, it was a treat from Ryan, thanks anyway) unless of course you're attempting the 'watch scary movie with girl and try to score' tactic, don't bother watching. (Movie Rating: 1.5/5)
That will probably the last time I see Ryan for quite awhile since he just entered the 'Island' yesterday if I remember correctly. To Ryan: Remember, keep your spirits up no matter what happens. And you've still got your GF and friends like me waiting for you... ^_^

Still waiting for my NTU acceptance/rejection letter. To be honest, I don't think I can make it to a local university with my results (I consider it about average). Which was why I resorted to using my CCA record and a couple of appraisals by Sally and Keith when I applied. Even if I do make it in, I am only mentally prepared for my first 2 choices (which are Computer Engineering and English Literature respectively). I guess its up to God's will...

Do keep me in your prayers. Especially with Sunday School teaching Part 2 and the Easter event coming up. Thanks in advance to whoever prays for me!

I guess it's up to God's will for many things in life. Well, when it comes, I'll welcome it. If it doesn't, then I'll continue to wait for the right time...

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