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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Worth waiting for that moment...

Song of the moment: YUI - Rolling Star (BLEACH 5th OP theme)

Koronjatta tte iin ja nai no
Son toki wa waratte ageru
Norikonda basu no oku kara
Chiisaku hohoemi ga mieta
Kimi no tayori ni shiteru yo oh! Oh!

Yume ni made mita you na sweet love
Koibitotachi wa kakurega wo sagasu no
Demo genjitsu wa aenai hi ga
Tsuzukinagara mo shinjiteru no rolling days

(It’s OK to fall, right?
When you do, I’ll laugh for you
I got on the bus, and from inside
I could see you smile a little
I depend on you, oh! Oh!

In the sweet love I’ve dreamed of
The lovers search for a hiding place
But in reality, there are days when we can’t see each other
Even when I stumble, I have faith, in those rolling days)
Rolling Star by YUI

There are times when I am reminded of the reason why I fell for her in the first place, why she's worth waiting for. It is during those times, that I really can just appreciate the impact she has made not only in my life, but in the lives of others as well. Perhaps, next year...?

Spent Valentine's Day with the rest of Team SALAD (Single Available Lonely And Desperate) in Seletar on duty. Of course, strictly speaking, not all the SALADs were there, but enough of us (Ben, Jon, Tony, Beh, BK and myself) to spend a lonely night sleeping/prowling in

Sigh, haven't really had the chance to go out and enjoy myself recently. And I REALLY want to watch Babel...maybe this weekend? (Hint, hint...)

Current list of stuff to buy after CNY (in no particular order):

1) NDS lite slot 1 device (Estd: $80)
2) Kiddy Grade and other anime VCD/DVD (Estd: $50-80)
3) 1/100 scale Saviour Gundam model (Estd: $40)
4) 1/100 scale MG Rick Dias Quattro Custom (Estd:$60-70)
5) Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd manga series Bk 1-6 full set (Estd: $50-60)
6) For camp: DivX-enabled DVD player (Estd: $20 per person)

Total approx. spending: $320-$350

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