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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post FFI - Fit, sianz... (Fight for MP reservist!)

Song of the moment: Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World (ED Theme for Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [Not] Alone)

Nani ga hoshii ka wakaranakute
Tada hoshigatte nurui namida ga hoho o tsutau

Iitai koto nanka nai
Tada mou ichido aitai
Iitai koto ienai
Konjou nashi ka mo shirenai
Sore de ii kedo

(Without knowing what I want,
I merely desire, and warm tears fall down my cheeks...

I don’t have anything that I want to say.
I just want to meet you again.
I can’t say anything that I want to say.
I just might not have the guts.
That’s okay, but-)
Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru
Lyrics thanks to Atashi

As you would already know from my post heading, I just passed my FFI with flying colors...ah well, I guess I can't be a slacker all my life, huh? Still, I'll hope and pray for a slack reservist posting... 7 more working days to ORD!

Just purchased the Evangelion 1.0 R3 DVD (Released by Innoform media) from Poh Kim yesterday. For awhile, I was thinking whether I should just be like any other typical fanboy and post pictures of my latest purchase on my blog. After some deliberation, I decided that it wasn't really worth the effort. After all, I am just going to rant and complain about it for the next few minutes...

First up, packaging. Considering that it is a local release, I didn't really have any high expectation (or rather, no expectations at all). It ended up being one of those examples that show how sparingly local media publishers use the words "Collector's Edition" (or "Limited Edition", etc...). Another interesting point is the words "Introductory Booklet Included". Usually, you don't say that anything else is included when the only thing inside is the DVD and a postcard. Yes, they included a postcard was apparently to be sent to Innoform to redeem the non-existent "Introductory Booklet". While I appreciate the effort, but they apparently expect us to pay the postage for the postcard. Seriously, at least offer to pay for the postage when you've already failed to give us the full package...

Finally, content. The DVD had a bit of a grainy feel in terms of quality for the actual movie, but I can live with that. Extras/Special Features? Knowing local publishers aren't exactly going to provide a lot in terms of extras, I didn't expect much. (Sounds familiar? Honestly, I don't expect much from anything local for manga and food?) A couple of trailers with the theme songs as their BGM are alright. A rather pathetic photo gallery and a single PV, I can endure. Then they mentioned "Rebuild of Evangelion: 1.01". I thought, "Hey ,wow! They actually got 1.01 on!". In ended up being a couple of concept drawings and animation from scenes throughout the movie. Really killed my faith in local products (As if Akira hasn't mangled it badly enough already...).
Worse news is, they again cut off the Preview for 2.0 like they did in the theatres...(Die Innoform, DIE!!!)

You know, I am actually wondering if I can complain to CASE about this...

Anyways, in terms of current anime, you can remove Duruga and Blassreiter and add Amatsuki and Macross Frontier to my currently watching category. Macross Frontier's pretty good, hopefully it'll end up with the particular ship (in this case, Alto/Sheryl) that I am rooting for...Same thing for Code Geass (Lelouch/Kallen!!!), which is stilled filled with your many twists but has a strangely more commercialised feel to it. (I reserved Guren Mark II while Willis reserved Lancelot at the model kit shop in Sunshine Plaza...maybe it is getting to us.)

Hey, I am gonna miss you guys back in Seletar...So I am gonna dedicate the next post to you out for it after our 6th June ORD gathering...

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