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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lessons learnt...(11 days to go!!)

Song of the moment: COOLON - Canvas (Eureka 7 4th ED theme)

furikaeru to itsumo kawaranai basho ga aru kara
donna gyakkyou mo fuan mo koete yukeru
hateshinai michi naru michi e to fumidaseru

(Always when I look back, there’s a never-changing place
So I can overcome whatever adversity and unease
And I’ll be able to step out into the never-ending unknown road)
Canvas by COOLON

Only 11 days remaining to POP and still lessons are being learnt all the time. Two main events for the past week has been my 20th Birthday and the 16KM route march. Thanks to all who remembered my birthday and sent me SMSes! I really appreciate the fact that you all remembered despite not seeing me most of the time now that I am in NS. Many thanks also to MI0312 for getting me a mystery birthday gift. Still not sure what it is but I really look forward to finding out.

The 16KM route march has been a lesson in itself. The two main things I've learnt are NEVER EVER go on a route march when you have a bad case of diarrhea AND to drink PLENTY of WATER/ISOTONIC DRINKS whenever possible during a route march. This will be the first AND last time I ever go on a route march while I am sick. However, though I suffered a lot, it was also the first time I've ever experienced comeraderie so closely in my life. Without people like Jonathan, Kevin, Kenneth, Daniel and Zul, pushing me and encouraging me all the way throughout that 16KM, I think I would have fallen out halfway through. To all those who helped me during that 16KM, thanks! I owe all you guys one!

I've always wondered why people say that BMT will be the most fun and memorable period of your NS life. I've since realised that though you suffer a little during the experience, it's the memories it creates that makes it all worth while.

Will you be my constant, my never-changing place?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Not long to go...

Song of the moment: Mr. Big - Shine

I say a lot of things sometimes that don't come out right
And I act like I don't know why
I guess a reaction is all I was looking for

You looked through me
You really knew me like no one has EVER looked before

Maybe on your own you take a cautious step
Do you wanna give it up?

But all I want is for you to SHINE
Shine down on me
Shine on this life that's burning out
Shine by Mr. Big

Another long, draggy book out day over...and army life starts over again tomorrow. But...not long to go now, just four and a half weeks and I'll be out of there, never to return as a recruit.

With field camp and live range over and gone, all that's left is SOC, GAC, BAC, IPPT and it'll be POP (No doubt, only the militarily-inclined and those already serving the country know what I am talking about). I am not really going to elaborate much on my field camp experience here but no doubt, it has been a beneficial experience. Special thanks to Chong for helping me survive those 7 days. For Live Range, I really screwed up my night test but at least I passed. Congrats to Jian Wen for getting Company Best Shot (most probably anyway, since the results aren't out yet).
Went to watch Tokyo Drift with the old gang from Poly today. Totally plotless movie with eye candy as it's only redeeming factor. The perfect movie for the typical testoterone driven male.
Also got to see the fireworks outside Esplanade with the gang. Personally, I am not the kind of person who watches fireworks with awe. The fireworks were rather nice to watch, but with hundreds of people around you 'wow'-ing and 'wee'-ing around you, it kind of takes the atmosphere away...maybe I should have got someone to watch it with me?

I guess a reaction is all I was looking for...will you give me one?

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