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Monday, December 01, 2008

Holiday: AFA '08

Song of the moment: May'n - Welcome To My Fanclub's Night

Can you hear my voice? Be good boys & girls.
ima tashikani kanjiteru no ittaikan everywhere
Don’t you feel it? saishuu keikoku
ageru shuuhasuu odore! shouting through
We’ll enjoy a day today!
(Then) I sing a love song for you.

(Can you hear my voice? Be good boys and girls
I can certainly feel it right now. The sense of unity is everywhere.
Don’t you feel it? This is your last warning
Dance in the rising frequency! I’m shouting through!
We’ll enjoy a day today
Then I’ll sing a love song for you.)
Welcome To My Fanclub's Night! by May'n

Finally after many delays, I have finally acquired and uploaded the (not so blur)AFA '08 pictures and can finally blog about it. While admittedly it's about a week old and many many people have already blogged about it, including my friend and classmate, DKellis, I thought it would be nice to give my two cents worth on the event and perhaps talk a bit about Singaporean behaviour.

Day 1 be honest I can't really remember much (laughs). Started off the day at the Suntec McDonald's, 8AM in the morning. I actually thought I was late so I kind of walked/jogged there. To be honest, I was late...just that everyone else was later. Well, I did expect this, thus I set the meeting time early. SY came soon after and I discovered that X just got out of the bed and thus will be late. Got a couple of replies from a few others, apologising for their no-shows. Anyways, by the time most of the group had gathered, which included SY + 3 friends (Erm, it was 3 friends right?), X, Willis, DKellis and myself, it was around 11AM (well, according to DKellis' post anyway).

After lots of walking, me and Willis bought ourselves a tee-shirt each from the dreaded "O--x" booth. Sure, some of their "merchandise" is crap but their tees do look nice. I was actually tempted to buy the Code Geass DVD until I remembered that it was by "O--x".

Code Geass tee
And this is the tee-shirt...

After more walking and admiring other people's cosplay, we went for lunch, came back to look-see some-more then adjourned to the book fair (clearly, Harris bookstore doesn't support DC comics) upstairs before we called it a day...

Day 2

Rushed down after church with Willis, Nigel, Jowell and Josh.

The Gang 1
The gang...

Met up with X, who brought his new camera and he started snapping away...

...starting off with a picture of Miku's butt. Naughty, naughty...

Anyways, after even more walking and resisting the temptation to buy stuff from the KKNM booth at AFA, we went for dinner and finally arrived for the May'n concert, where local band Quis was warming up the stage for May'n.

My line of sight at the concert
And this is my line of sight for the concert...great isn't it?

While the great Singaporean Otaku collective waited impatiently for the concert to start, someone had the bright idea of throwing balloons into the crowd. If it's purpose was to divert our attention, the experiment was definitely a successful one. When May'n finally came out, the Otaku Collective erupted in cheers. The loudest of course came from the mystery Malay(?) guy who kept screaming "May'n!" and "Macross!" at regular intervals while waving around the VF-25S model he just bought.

My definitive May'n photo from AFA '08.

We at least got a few decent pictures after some experimentation with the exposure and ISO settings. May'n really played up to the atmosphere in the hall, showing LOTS of leg/thigh, which I am pretty sure gave a couple of those front seat people nose bleeds, or at least some PLEASANT memories to go back home to, if you know what I mean. While most of us didn't really memorise the lyrics to her songs, I guess we all did know one word from her song "Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't be late", which was "Motteke!" (which roughly translates to "Take it"). After singing most of her solo songs, she had a autograph session with those who were rich enough to buy the front row seats to the concert.

So essentially, that's what happened at AFA '08 in a nutshell, by me anyway. You can view the rest of the pics here.

Yup, that's me in a NERV tee! Trying to imitate AFA-kun...


I guess there was lots of talk about all these pictures and videos during her concert, where the organisers painstakingly repeated over and over again over the PA system, asking us not to take pictures or videos. Frankly, I think that's near impossible. There's no way you are going to prevent the Otaku Collective from taking pictures. For once, we actually have a bona fide up-and-coming J-POP star, who sings several songs for an anime, right here in Singapore and you don't want us to take pictures or videos? Seriously, when was the last time a well-known J-POP celebrity actually came to Singapore for a concert? The only one which springs to my mind (correct me if I am wrong...) was when a Morning Musume sub-group came to Singapore to perform like around 2 years back. I mean, unless you intend to release this concert on DVD or something, of course people are going to take pictures and videos. Moreover, it was a "free" concert for anyone who came to AFA on Sunday. You can't blame us for getting all hot and bothered over this right? Solution? Either make it a full pay-to-watch concert (which I doubt will go well with many of us poorer fans) or just let us take photos. What's the big deal anyway? I am pretty sure the event will be given more exposure through us, the fans. The so-called "Official Press" gets their pictures posted on the prominent websites, magazines and newspapers, while we the fans just want some pics to remember the event by, be it through our photo albums or blogs. Is it really so-called "Kiasu-ism" in action? I don't think so. We all just want something to remember the day May'n came to Singapore to perform...


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