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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Closure and moving on

Song of the moment: Base Ball Bear - Changes (Toshokan Sensou ED theme)

Ch-ch-ch-changes saa, kawatteku sayonara, furui jibun
shingenjitsu atarashii nani ka ga matteru
subete ga ima kawatteku subete ga hajimaru
shinkokyuu hitotsu, aizu ni shite kakedashiteku

(Changes, yeah, I’m changing, say goodbye to my old self
I’m waiting for a new reality, something new
Everything’s changing now, everything starts now
I give a signal with one deep breath and start running)
Changes by Base Ball Bear

Yes leaf...stop complaining, people like me are really busy with school you know. LOL! Now that school is in full swing, its been quite a struggle for me to manage my time effectively. With school, my church ministry, anime and social life all scrambling to get my attention, its been rather hectic. Thus the decision not to go for tomorrow's Sentosa trip with the SK people. I am going to take the chance to catch up on my homework (like my 1500 word essay for example) instead of slacking off in Sentosa tomorrow.

As most anime fans will know, Code Geass R2 has finished its run and thus the main reason for this blog post. I am going to base my thoughts here on what I've already posted on Random Curiosity's blog, which you'll have to dig through to find (page 48 of the comments section in the Code Geass R2 episode 25 post).

In general, I think the R2 wrapped things up pretty well. It wasn't all that surprising that Lelouch would die in the end (As leaf would testify how I had predicted that a couple of months back...). It fit in with the 'redemption' theme I thought the anime was trying to push this season. Lelouch uses his 'death' to create a peaceful world where Nunnally and his friends could live in peace. Suzaku atones for his guilt of killing his father and gets to live as a 'hero', albeit with a mask.

The lack of a Lelouch/Kallen ending was kind of disappointing to me, having rooted for the two of them to end up together since season 1. However, with the really ambiguous ending, it thus leaves it open to interpretation on what really happened to Lelouch. My take on it is that Lelouch is alive. The fact that the series has such an ambiguous ending in the first place makes me feel that Lelouch is alive (be it with or without the Code). The evidence is all there, the paper crane, the ambiguity of how the Code works, etc. How would one interpret it is up to the individual.

To the people who think that Lelouch not dying somehow cheapens his sacrifice, is immortality(assuming he's immortal) really all that great. Sure, you get to live forever with a cute green haired girl (assuming she's immortal too) at your side but I think the negatives outweigh the positives. To see your loved ones grow old and pass away while you stay forever young is not a very good feeling. Assuming the above(getting into the what do C.C. tear's mean debate now...), I think the reason for C.C. tears was for Lelouch's sacrifice, giving up his title, family and friends and even gaining this curse of immortality, all for the sake of creating a peaceful world.

Instead of a sequel, I think a series of movies or OVAs à la Rebuild of Evangelion or the Eureka 7 movie, showing what Taniguchi originally intended for the series would be the perfect addition to the Code Geass series.

Now that its over, its time for me to move on...bring it on, Gundam 00 Season 2!


No more regrets, no more turning back, No more wishing for the best, no more hoping for something that wouldn't happen. I am not going to look back anymore. I am moving on...for real.

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