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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Missing you...

Song of the moment: Dong Jing Yue Tuan(动静乐团) - Xiang Xin Wei Lai(相信未来)



(Waiting for you to accept my love
Waiting for the future I can give you
Let me hold you and never let go

I want you to accept my love
Believing it's Heaven's plan
Let me hold your hand
Stay with me forever)
Xiang Xin Wei Lai by Dong Jin Yue Tuan
Another self-translation since I am too lazy to find online translations. Hope it's good enough...

A somewhat late entry this week due to other gaming...lolz. Not exactly a very good reason, especially since I should be studying and doing my projects instead. Please pray that I'll be able to concentrate on my studies and projects instead of gaming and slacking. Anyways, the main reason I am writing this now is because I am waiting for the Man United vs. Liverpool match to start at 12MN (Of course, whether I'll watch the match depends entirely on how tired I am in the coming hour especially since I got school at 8:30 am tomorrow morning).

Submitted my proposal for my J2ME project last Thursday. Knowing what to do for my project is one thing, how I am going to do it of course is an entirely different matter, sigh. Anyways, what is J2ME, some of you might wonder. Basically, it's the JAVA architecture for mobile devices. You know those cute little JAVA games you play on your handphone? It's made using J2ME.
I've also got to make changes to my WML(It's Wireless Markup Language for the uninitiated) project since Jimmy Ang and Szeto made it clear that the projects for their modules must be of a different topic. I'll probably do some lame WML-based game or something.

Last Sunday(Yes, the last one, not today), the youth went for a hike starting from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to somewhere in Upper Thomson. It was about an estimated 10KM and was probably the most intense exercise I've had for the past 3 months (With no PE in NYP, what do you expect?). Started from the back of the pack but somehow or rather, me and Daniel ended up at the front which was somewhat unexpected (One of the reasons being everyone were interested in looking at snakes and other wildlife than actually hiking).

Today's events have been rather impromptu. Technical difficulties led to the mission outreach DVD not being able to be shown thus we all ended up playing group games. It was rather fun I guess. Played Blokus in Bay for half the afternoon before Angela, Regina, Sebastian and Jia Wei decided to go to J8, which of course I went along with them, for the most obvious reasons of course (If you don't know why, you shouldn't be reading this blog ^_^). Seb, Regina and Angela all bought stuff in J8, so I am sure they left Bishan with a certain sense of satisfaction.


Too many people are starting to read my blog and are asking questions they shouldn't ask. I don't want that kind of situation when I don't even have the intention to ________ yet. Well, not until I graduate in March anyway. After all, when the boat reaches the dock, it will dock straight.

Admittedly, I've been kind of struggling with the issue for sometime already as shown in my previous entry. I am still happy with my status quo, no peer pressure or whatever (not directly anyway). I'll try to surrender to God on this and let him guide me through it. Of course I still struggle against it, but if God wills it, then let it be...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

(Hopefully) We'll meet on the same path one day...

Song of the moment: Snorkel - Nami Kaze Satellite (Naruto 7th OP)

Have been busy with lots of stuff last week...or rather, it was mostly preparation for last Sunday's bible quiz and schoolwork. However, now that I have another unexpected one week break (because I don't have any common tests...), I've been given another chance to rest, recuperate and start preparing for my exams and various projects and presentations. I am expecting to graduate by the first half of march if all goes well (And it should go reason why it shouldn't after all, right?).

School last week was as per usual (no pun intended). However, I've got two presentations to prepare next week and four projects to complete by week 15 (which means submit by 17th February 2006). Suddenly, these dates don't seem so far away anymore and with my exams coming up around week 16 or 17(?), I realise that its only about 2 months away till the time I leave school and perhaps, start preparing for entry into THE ISLAND (or maybe TRACOM, who knows?). Still, its at least 4-5 months away from the earliest possible date that I could go into THE ISLAND, so I guess I'll probably worry about it after I graduate.

Sunday's bible quiz was alright but it didn't really go as plan (when did stuff like these go as planned anyway). I really screwed up my MC-ing during the Bible Quiz. It was a somewhat embarassing moment but thankfully Sandar covered up for me in time (I'll make it up to you one day, I promise!). Also, as expected, the Bible Quiz over-ran the time frame and the desicion was made to cut out my portion of the game. Of course, I am not that 'small gas' to be bothered by this (The fact that I stayed up till 3.30am to finish the slides notwithstanding...I want my sleep back ;-P). So, if any of you are wondering, don't worry about it.

After the bible quiz, Zhiliang, Angela, Jia Wei, Michelle, Sebastian, Regina and myself, went to the Mind Cafe (after TOO MUCH deliberation. In fact, Mind Cafe was my idea... ^_^). Played games like Guesstures, Apple to Apple and Pit. Rather fun and all, shouting ourselves hoarse and with Sebastian's antics. Definitely didn't regret the desicion to stay in Church after the Quiz.


I've been thinking about how to angst about this part for sometime now. We'll, not really angst per se but rather complaining? Who cares what it's called anyway? In my previous post, I've stated that I am happy with the status quo. That is still true, I am very happy with the status quo. However, recently I've been worried about whether I would miss my chance or not and also whether everything I've been doing from that moment till now has been the right thing to do. About the latter, I guess there isn't really much point about worrying, since what's done has been done. Nobody's perfect and you do learn something new from every failure. The former, I guess it's really up to God's will. I KNOW for a fact that he's brought me here definitely has been part of his plan. I didn't expect it to happen so fast but somewhere deep down in my heart, I REALLY want it to work, irregardless of God's plan for my life. Maybe it's not really a good thing to say out loud, but its how I really feel about it.

Also, regarding the same matter of course, I've been found out by someone. Thankfully, this someone is a HE and HE understands the people and the system in place. Not only that, he's also fighting the system. I won't elaborate too much lest someone who supports the system happens to read my blog. This in turn brings up another related subject, the SYSTEM. While I understand the need for the system, I don't really support the system. If it happens, it happens. I don't understand the need to destroy what already has been built. What it needs to do is to make people understand the POSSIBLE consequences of it. Encourage prevention rather than cure. If it still happens, at least you know that they understand the possible consequences and are prepared for it.
Regarding the matter, I am neutral about it. In the end, it really is a matter of whether both parties are mature enough.


While we look in different directions, our destination is (hopefully) the same. I hope that one day, when we're both ready, you'll look at me the same way I look at you. One day, I hope to meet you on the same path. If God allows it, maybe we'll walk hand in hand to our destination...

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