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Monday, July 26, 2004

I am in stop bothering me

Song of the moment: SMAP - Lion Heart

Kimi wa itsumo boku no kusuribako sa
Donna fuu ni boku wo iyashite kureru
Warau sobakara hora sono egao
Naitara yappari ne, namida surunda ne

Arikitari na koi, douka shiteru ka na

Kimi wo mamoru tame
Sono tame ni umarete kitanda
Akireru hodo ni sou sa soba ni ite ageru
Nemutta yokogao furueru kono mune Lion Heart

(You're always like my pill box
Somehow, you cure me
As soon as you smile, there, that smile
And when you cry, you really shed tears

I wonder if there's something wrong with conventional love?

So that I can protect you
I was born for that sake
Yes, it'll amaze you how I'm always by your side
Your sleeping profile, and in this shivering breast, a Lion Heart)
Lion Heart by SMAP

It seems that whenever I start walking Home from Bishan MRT station on Monday nights, I have a tendency of reminiscing about the past and imagine what might have happened had I made certain decisions. I've learnt never to allow yourself to dwell on memories of the past and I intend to keep it that way.

I've completed Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix in 21 days. A good book indeed, although for a moment, it seem as if it turned into some kind of Tom Clancy action novel with wands and incantations instead of guns and bullets. Nonetheless it was exciting without a doubt. My favourite part of the book however was in the final chapter of the book, when Harry was trying to use the two-way mirror to contact Sirius. Definitely looking forward to Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Rating: 5/5 stars

I also watched 'King Authur' with a couple of my classmates last Friday. The movie was a little below my expectations (Note: I never expected much from it...). In fact, I was talking to Jon and SJ throughout the movie (something which I never do). It's a 'There can be no victory without sacrifice' and 'Triumph over adversity' kind of movie. Nothing much when it comes to story and character development. Rating: 2/5 stars

Joshua Yong went out on a "date" with an old crush of his last Saturday and from what I hear, he enjoyed himself. However, he himself said it felt like 'two old friends going out together' or something similar. I wish him luck and hope for this relationship of his to progress (in a good and hopefully chaste way of course ^_^).

I've once again started writing fanfics again and 'As Blue as Ice, As Red as Fire' chapter 2 will be out in a few days time. I hope that anyone reading this will come and review my stories at the same time. My pen name is anime-freaksg and you can find me through the search engine.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Looking's not the end, it's a new beginning...for me at the very least

Song of the moment:  Shin - One Night In Beijing

I don't know whether have I really let go or not. I am feeling this sense of...'joy and relief' if you can call it that. Now that I think of it, perhaps I have unknowingly released that burden. I want to stop looking back and get on with my know, just get it over with. Perhaps, I knew it all along...
The past week has been somewhat of a blur to me. I was seriously sick at the beginning of the week and went to a doctor on Monday, who promptly gave me an MC for one day. A weird feeling you know, getting my first MC in years, my last time probably in Primary school. Thankfully, I feel a lot better now.
German lesson on Thursday was somewhat enjoyable. Whether my appeal is successful or not, I don't really care anymore. I'll just let God decide where he wants to put me.
I've also been reading lots of Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix. (Current Chapter - 25 'The Beetle At Bay') You know, maybe I am reading to much into it, but I am absolutely positive about the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny pairings. It's practically the most appropriate pairings to end the series with. I am also considering about writing Harry Potter fanfictions, time-allowing of course.  
I had dinner with Yap Xiong and Josh Yong on Friday. Having people like them to talk to is a real relief to myself, and probably it's the same for the two of them. We had this real good talk about our lives in general and for that brief amount of time, I was talking and enjoying myself with no inhibitions. I really wouldn't want to imagine what life will be like without people like them, Melvin and Daniel.
You know, it feels great when I stop looking back and finally realize that there's so much more in front of me.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Everything will change...

Song of the moment: Matchbox Twenty - Last Beautiful Girl

I recently acquired a new book, interestingly named, 'Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix'. My MSN nickname will inform you of how far I have read the book. I know that a few of my friends have scolded me for buying the book instead of borrowing it from a friend. Some of you know that I occasionally buy things on impulse, however I would like to say it has been in the works for quite sometime (especially since the price drop...). I feel that it is worth the $19.95 I paid for it.

School has finally started and all of you will be glad to know I came through my first week relatively unharmed, physically and mentally. I thank all of you for your

Had dinner with Yap Xiong today at Junction 8's Food Junction. Later we had a really good conversation at the Bishan Bus Interchange. Due to certain elements of our conversation, I will not reveal any of its contents...well, maybe a little. I found out that Zhu Dong's (student council member of NJC) sister is now the new Student Council President of ACJC. I was, of course, a little surprised by this revelation. Mainly because there are now 2 members of this particular Tan family now in student councils'. Still, I don't really know her so...

We'll, when we all decide to let one knows whether we will regret it or not. Sometimes it maybe for the best that we move on and look towards the horizon. Remember, God-willing (Gary, if you're reading this, shut up!), everything will be for the best. It is because of the waiting that we learn to appreciate what we will have in future...

Friday, July 02, 2004

There's a Hero in all of us...Sometimes we have to give up the things we want the most...

Song of the moment: 品冠 (Pin Guan) - 明明很愛你(Ming Ming Hen Ai Ni)

Just watched Spiderman 2 with Bevan, Joshua Yong and John today at Plaza Singapura. Admittedly, this second movie lived up to the expectations of its prequel. Despite the movie being slightly predictable, there was plenty of emotion, coupled with great action and romance scenes, making it an engaging movie to watch. It also sets the base for the third movie, which obviously indicates it has become a franchise, which may not be a very good thing but we'll see. This movie gets a 4/5 stars. It may not be the perfect movie, but its very well made and is probably the best comic to movie adaptation you'll ever find at this point of time.

Before all this movie business, I was at school attending the briefing for this year's Club Crawl. Apparently, I didn't learn anything new except that each CCA had to send at least one team to this competition that the MindSports Club was holding during Club Crawl. Considering our club's enrollment, we'll be better off not sending a team.
Later, met Wallz and Wee Kiat to buy our school texts and then went to eat lunch at MOS burger in AMK central. Had a good chat for awhile before Wallz went to watch Spiderman 2 by himself (sad...). Me and Wee Kiat went our separate ways soon after. Good to see that they haven't changed one bit.

Timetable: Although I have a free day in Tuesdays, I've got classes from 1200 to 2130 on Monday. Sigh...

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