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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cosfest 07

Song of the moment: FLOW - COLORS (Code Geass 1st OP theme)

Jibun wo Sekai sae mo Kaete shimae sonna
Shunkan wa Itsumo sugu soba ni…

Kakusenu iradachi to
Tachitsukusu jibun wo Mitsume

Mayoi nagara Nayami nagara Kuyami nagara Kimere ba ii sa
Kimi ga kureta kotoba hitotsu Tomadoi wa kiesari

Karappo datta Boku no heya ni Hikari ga sashita

(The moment that seems to able to change me and even the world
Is always right by my side…

Staring at the irritations that I can’t hide
And the me who stands completely still

While I’m confused, while I’m troubled, while I’m grieving, I should decide on it
With the one word that you gave me, my confusion vanishes

In my room that seemed empty, light shined)

As promised I have uploaded the pictures and you can view them here. As I have mentioned in my previous post, it was a pleasant though somewhat tiring experience. Reached there around 3.30PM when the event was already well under way. A bit surprised to see Benedict there too though, as we attempt to convert him into the way of the anime. The WCS local finals was eventually won by the Sakura Taisen pair, probably because their battle scene was the best choreographed among all the contestants. The Naruto pair really disappointed me though, with their crap dance routine. In the end, went to White Sands to have dinner with Poh and bought Trick season 1 (Woo hoo!) at Poh Kim.

On a side note, I went to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last friday with JY and Yap Xiong. It wasn't as draggy as the book which is a good thing but I felt it could have been much better. "Creative license" during certain parts really annoyed me (eg: Harry peeking into Snape's memories scene) but in the end it didn't really matter much as they kept most of the later scenes (eg: Luna and Harry's conversation before leaving Hogwarts) intact. The ending however, was a little too 'cheerful' in my opinion, since this was like one of the darkest books in the series, especially since Sirius just died. (Rating: 4/5 stars)
It was nice to see both Yap Xiong and JY doing well. Though I still feel Yap should shave off his goatee (lol!). I really enjoyed our time together and hope we'll see each other again soon, yeah?

BTW, thanks to Poh for helping me buy my anime @ Anime House and also to Ying Xiang, who has agreed to help me build my new computer, possibly starting within the next 2 months. ^_^

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cosfest 2007 @ Downtown East Preview

Went to Cosfest 2007 WCS local finals on Sunday @ Downtown East. A little tiring but rather fun. Here are some photos for you guys to muse over...

Seletar Anime gang @ WCS local finals (Clockwise from top left: Sheng Yang, Benedict, Poh, Ying Xiang and myself)

Probationary Anime gang member Benedict. Is he really an otaku? Only time will tell...

Will post the rest of the photos on my next post and describe my experience in further detail. Look out for it! Probably within this week...hopefully heh heh...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Who will open the door of miracles?

Song of the moment: Kuwata Keisuke - Ashita Hareru Kana (Proposal Daisakusen ED theme)

Mimi wo sumaseba kokoro no koe wa
Boku ni nani wo katari kakeru darou
Ima mayou nureta machi no katasu ni ite
Ano koro no sora wo omou tabi ni

Kami yori tamaeshi kodoku ya trouble
Nakitai toki wa nakina yo
Kore ga sadame deshou ka?
Akirameyou ka?
Kisetsu wa meguru mahou no you ni

(If I listen carefully, the voice of my heart
what would it have to tell me?
Though I stand in this lost wet corner of the town
That sky back then, I'll remember everytime

Loneliness and troubles bestowed upon us from God
Just make us cry when we desire to
Is this my fate?
Should I give up?
The seasons return just like magic)
Ashita Hareru Kana by Kuwata Keisuke

Guess I haven't been blogging for quite sometime. Apologies to anyone who still actually reads this blog (If you still do, I am quite touched, really...). Anyway let me update you on what has been happening during my blog entry-less period.

Watched a couple of movies during this period, like POTC3 for example but the more notable ones were probably Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) and Transformers. It's interesting to note that I actually already watched Toki wo Kakeru one or two months back when the fansubs came out. So, it was the first time that I actually went to watch a movie which I had already watched and downloaded on the PC. Maybe it was for Sheng Yang too, I am not to sure (Please Anyways, I think we agreed that it was for that 'movie theatre' experience. Despite having already watched it, I still enjoyed it the second time around. It was one of the movies with a high re-playability value, I guess.

For Transformers, I watched it with Angela, Yun Jie and Terence, which despite not getting premium seats, was quite an enjoyable (and most importantly, FREE btw...) experience. Honestly, it wasn't really a 'must-watch' show in my list (since it was a Michael 'Pearl Habour' Bay film, you know, all action, no plot or substance) but since it was free, I decided to go for it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed the movie. As Ying Xiang said, it was probably a good thing to actually go in to the theatre without any expectations. I thought it was very funny and the action sequences were rather well done. A (surprising) 4 out of 5 stars.

Anime wise, I've completed a couple of series, like Higurashi and Blood+ among others. Code Geass, was unexpectedly good. Maybe because I kind of underestimated it since it had a somewhat cliché anime plot (Guy unexpectedly gains 'super powers' and gets drawn into war etc...). Anyways, it's probably one of the really good animes I have watched so far. At least now I can understand why everyone is complaining about the ending being delayed by TBS. One of those shows which keeps your in the edge with the plot twists and turns.

More recently though or rather just yesterday, I went to the Cosfest 2007 local semis at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza with Jonathan and SY. Jonathan was really enthusiastic about the, erm...females at the event while me and SY just kind of wandered around exploring the place. Took a couple of pictures but haven't uploaded them yet. Maybe after the local finals at Downtown East next week?

Sometimes, its better to look ahead than to stay back and wait for something to happen. If our time comes....
Who will open my door of miracles?

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