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Monday, June 28, 2004

School starts 5th July...are you prepared?

Song of the moment: 劉德華 (Andy Lau) - 為愛瘦一次 (wei ai shou yi ci) Love On A Diet OST

A couple more days and my holidays will end (and Spiderman 2 will start to dominate the theatres). Throughout this holiday, I really experienced a full range of emotions. From laughing to crying to laughing till I cry to...well, you get the idea. Also, there were a couple of revelations from some of my friends which really left me sad and disappointed. The truth was right in front of me, I just plain ignored it till my friends, purposefully or not, shoved it right before my eyes. The worst thing is, I found myself going through this holiday without much purpose. I really need to get back closer with God.

Found out today that I am the only one from my class taking German Language 2. Apparently, Nat and Kris got assigned into Introduction to Entrepreneurship, leaving me to my own devices in GL 2. I plan to transfer out of foreign languages, however it is only decided on a case by case basis and I have to wait until the end of week 3 of my school term before I know whether my appeal is successful. So, I still have to attend (German) classes as per normal until then.

I really hope to see you guys again soon...

Last Saturday/Sunday: Had a pretty bad sore throat and lost my voice on Saturday. Unfortunately, our class was supposed to be doing the monthly Sharing/Song on Sunday and Melvin promptly organized a practice session in church. Although Shu Hui and Cari Ann were a little slow in starting (its not totally their fault, we had to sort through half a dozen of BACK-UP songs thanks to somebody...), I had a brilliant time there. Cracked jokes, talked about TV and music...stuff like that with Shu Hui and Cari Ann. I, of course, had to take a little dig at Melvin by mentioning a certain song by David Tao called Melody. Although no one knew the real reason why I said that of course (Oh Melodie...).

On Sunday, my throat was still suffering badly and my voice was somewhat non existent during the performance. However, I really looked forward to the treat that Auntie Wan Mui was giving us. Had this really good buffet lunch there. After that, we visited the Esplanade A.K.A The Durian's specialty movie collectible shop (Darn original posters were $25++), then went home (for some of us at least).

So all this said and done, I will retire to bed and get some much needed rest. Farewell...for now... ^_^

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Euro 2004 is under way!

Song of the moment: Gundam SEED OST - River

Nani mo ka mo umaku yukanai modokashisa ni
Aseru kimochi wo osaete
Hagayusa to iradatashisa ni kokoro midare
Kakaekonda hiza kozou

Kuyashisa wo koraete namida ni furuete
Naita yoru ga akeru

Sou tashika ni kimi no iu toori da yo
Ima nara hikikaeseru keredomo
Tsumaranai iji wo haritsuduketeru
Arukihajimeta ijou akiramenai

(Nothing is going the way it should
I hastily subdue these feelings of impatience
All this anxiety and nervousness is sending my heart into disorder
Just a boy hugging his knees in the midst of it all

Shivering and in tears, I repress all my regret
I cried all night, but now it seems dawn is breaking...

So, undoubtedly you're right
Even though right now I may try to turn back
And I keep on being stubborn about it, though I know it's monotonous
I'll start walking again, this time even farther, and I won't give up)
River - Gundam SEED OST

Happy Birthday Little Bro! Really hope you like the game I gave you(Even though now it seem as if I am playing it for your entertainment...?). Had a good time at Sizzlers today for my brothers Birthday dinner today. However, I realised today that Medium Rare Sirloin Steak is not one of my favourite foods (Its okay...but just not used to it I guess).

SJ, Kris and Jon stayed over at my home last Sunday. Although it left me quite tired the next day, it was an interesting experience nontheless. It was eat, play CM 03/04, watch soccer (France 2 England 1), play LOTR on the PlayStation 2 then finally sleep (at least for most of us...). SJ apparently dyed his hair again during the holidays. It wasn't very obvious but it just makes him look like the typical Jap Poser (LOL). Just joking SJ...

A couple of hours before they came to my house, I was at the legendary place of evil, MonsterCue, playing pool with Yap Xiong and JY. We're all a bit rusty and didn't really have the best of games. Still, it was great meeting up with them.

Finally, my predictions for Euro 2004 are Italy to be champions, France runners-up and Czech Rupublic to be in third. ^_^

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Song of the moment: Five For Fighting - Something About You

I don't know where to begin
I don't know how to get out there to see you
I don't know where to dig in.
I don't know how to get in there to feel you

It's been to long and I'm about to be in time for me
It's been to long and I'm in time

Baby there's something about you that
I can hold on to
I'm going to hold on to that
Baby there's something about you that
I can hold on to
I'm going to hold on to that
Something About You by Five For Fighting

I watched this Summer's most anticipated movie yesterday. I was all in all, a bit disappointed by this installment of the Harry Potter series. For those who have read Prisoner of Azkaban, you'll know that this provides the background for all the future Harry Potter books. With the introduction of Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew (a.k.a the Marauders minus the now deceased James Potter), Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang, it becomes the crucial (having not read book 5, I consider book 3 the most important book in the series) turning point in the Harry Potter universe.
With the introduction of Alfonso Cuaron as Director of this particular installment (Goblet of Fire will be helmed by Mike Newell), it adds a distinct, arty flavour which the series badly needs. However, Mister Cuaron sacrifices character development (emphasis on Remus Lupin and the Marauders), historical background and a couple of other important scenes in the book (And with only one short scene of Quidditch in the film, he probably should have taken it out all together). Basically, this film will be a disappointment to all Harry Potter purists out there. (My Rating: 3.5/5 stars. If they had more scenes of Bonnie Wright (a.k.a Ginny Weasley), it would have gotten a 4. ^_^ )
(Note: Next up on my to see movie list are: The Chronicles of Riddick, 13 Going on 30 purely because of Jennifer Garner and Spiderman 2)

Despite the slight disappointment of the film, it was nice to see us (Yap Xiong, John, Joshua and myself) together as a group again. Things hasn't been the same since we all went our own ways after Secondary School. I sincerely hope that we all meet up together again, perhaps with a few others like Melvin, Kenneth, Darryl, Bao Loon and Zhu Dong.

An hour ago I had just finished recording a certain Tai Pei Ren's official debut on national television. I am also very sure that a certain Lim Shi Jie of MIT 0312 is looking forward to watching the video tape. Although I was hoping she would win (as I otherwise found out somewhere halfway through the show), I was quite surprised she won the first task in Taiwan (No offence, but I thought that guy's (eventual winner) performance was better). However, she looked absolutely stunning in that dress during the formal photo shoot. Great job, Pei Ren!! You definitely put in a lot of effort into your performance. NYP's class MIT 0312 is proud of you!! (Sound of applause)

You still have a place in my heart...if you have any problems or worries, I'll do more than my best to help you...Hope you find the one meant for you.

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