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Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Day After Tomorrow...where will you be?

Song of the moment: Yato Yuria - Koi Suru Kimochi

Kimi no soba ni iru dakede
Jibun no kokoro ga
Sono youni suna wo no nareru yo

Nandemo nakatta
Asa no sanpo michi te
Kimi to deatta
Itsumo to kawaranai asa no hazu ka

(Just being by your side
My heart
Becomes sand just like that

There was nothing
On the road where I take a walk in the morning
I bumped into you
It's the same morning that never changes)
Koi Suru Kimochi by Yato Yuria

Well, my results are back. I passed all my subjects, so it wasn't that horrible. To my knowledge, Nat, SJ and Wallz passed all their subjects too, which is good news. Still, the results were below my expectations. I expected at least 1 A from JAVA programming but I got a C instead. I definitely could have done better if I started studying earlier.

Watched 'The Day After Tomorrow' on Saturday. Gets a 4/5 on my rating. Although the plot is a bit thin, the CG effects and monumental scenes (Tower of Liberty gets swallowed by a huge wave / NYC freezing over under A LOT of ice) more than make up for it. Some people say its over exaggerated but I beg to differ. Its about major climate changes in a space of days, it is supposed to be over-exagerrated. I plan to get a poster of the movie for my room.

I am planning to book tickets for the most anticipated movie (Clue: About a certain Prisoner) this holiday season. If anyone from the ACS(Barker) gang who knows me personally, you are invited. Please call me for further details.

Its been sometime since I saw a couple of my poly classmates. I really hope you all are doing well in...whatever you all are doing now. We should all go out together again sometime during the holidays. Hope to see you POLY FRIENDS again soon.

Friday, May 21, 2004

The rainbow after the rain or is it the calm before the storm?

Song of the moment: Daniel Bedingfield - If you're not the one

It's been a somewhat uneventful week for me since my last update. Just all the usual stuff like CCA meetings and movie outings with a few of my pals. Probably the only major event was my outing to Palawan Beach, Sentosa on the 15th. It was hot, sweaty and more or less fun experience. We played frisbee, volleyball and did most of the usual beach stuff there. However, I wasn't too keen on swimming there because I didn't bring a towel and soap. But nonetheless, I got into the water eventually with some "encouragement" from Gary. Everyone should know what I mean but in case you still can't figure it out, basically he pushed(tackled) me in. Of course, all of the guys (including myself) got into the fun by throwing Kris and Jodi into the water too (^_^).

I also watched a movie last Sunday, Troy. Troy was a very dramatic movie adaptation of Homer's Iliad (it being a Hollywood movie with Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt playing the leads, what more can you expect?). I rate it as about the same standard as Gladiator (Score: 4/5, minus one for OVER dramatism and slight changes from the original Iliad). But, the moment of the movie came when the Greeks were sneaking out of the Trojan Horse and John, who obviously isn't well versed in Greek history, whispered in shock, "It's a trick!!!"(No offense, John, but I just have to mention it). Joshua and myself were struggling not to burst out in laughter at that statement. This would definitely be one of the moments that I'll remember for the next few months.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I am still slightly worried about my exam results (Ragnarok Online and the PS2 does wonders in calming a person's mind). I am really hoping for just a PASS in all my subjects (Although I am confident that I'll do well for my JAVA programming). Just a pass for all my subjects so I won't need to repeat any modules or do any supplementary papers. Please God...

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My mind is in a whirl, confusion and chaos reigns...

Song of the moment: 杜德偉 (Andy Toh) - 原來我 love you so much (ED Theme for 第8號當舖 (Pawnshop no. 8) ), David Gates - I can't play the song

Sorry that I haven't been blogging for awhile. I just finished my exams last Saturday and for once, I don't feel overjoyed that the exams are over. I am seriously dreading my Maths results and in a sense, prepared (well...not so prepared actually...) for the worse. For the past few days, a lot has been going through my mind and honestly, I feel that I am really losing my focus on life. I found out something the day before my Maths exam which really made me lose my concentration and I feel disappointed at myself over it. Sometimes, I don't know who am I and what am I doing anymore. I really need to pull myself back together again and move on, otherwise I'll lose myself in this whirlpool of self-pity which is seriously detrimental to my emotional development as a person and a christian.

Went to watch Van Helsing with JY, John, Shu Wei and Kenneth on Sunday. I was intending to go watch that movie with someone else but...things happen and situations change. Maybe if...
The movie was alright, not the most fantastic. Kind of like a bunch of action scenes strung together by a passable storyline. I'll give it a 3.5/5.
It was nice to see JY and John again. Although we aren't as close as we were back in ACS(BR), they're still good friends of mine. We'll probably watch this Holiday's most anticipated movie (Not the one about the insect man...but the one about a certain Boy-Who-Lived?) together with the rest of the Barker gang.

Since the beginning of this year, I have kept telling myself not to let chances slip away and seize the moment. However, time and time again I find myself regretting over things I could have done but did not. As it says in Isaiah 55:9, 'As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.'. I pray that he leads me onto the correct path and perhaps...the right person for me?

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