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Monday, June 09, 2008


Song of the moment: ORANGE RANGE - O2

asa mo yoru mo koikogarete
hoshi ni naru yo kimi mamoru
tatakai wa yukue shirazu

ashita to kinou no kousaten de
majiwaranai kimi to boku
ima iku yo boku wa nagareboshi

(During mornings and nights, too, I yearn for love
and I'll become a star to protect you,
without knowing the whereabouts of the battle

At the intersection of tomorrow and yesterday,
you and I don't come across each other;
now I'll go, I'm a shooting star)

I actually feel strangely detached from the situation. Watching all my juniors trying to work out who is to do the grass cutter escort while standing there and realizing that all these escorts and sentry duty will never have anything to do with you again is a weird feeling. I guess it hasn't really sunk in yet. The fact that I have ORD-ed. In a way, its kind of hard to feel the difference considering that half the time I am at home anyway thanks to dismount. Collecting my IC today and seeing all those Recruit/Private clerks crack lame jokes about ORD personnel, I actually didn't really feel anything. No sense of 'euphoria' whatsoever. Only a feeling of relief that I finally have my IC. After this will be a rush of preparation for this Wednesday's CAC youth camp and the upcoming D'Anchor debate. The usual sourcing for prizes and whatnot. I guess life just goes on... Probably because there's no one to make fun of...LOL. (No offence to my friends who are still serving, of course...)
BTW, my reservist unit is apparently HQ Supply and Transport. Anyone knows what does buggers do there? Or better, what I will do there?

Just finished watching Code Geass R2 episode 9. I am actually starting to get used to the "Zero or some other character will do some stunt at the end" formula. Maybe because of this the twist in the plot actually don't feel as 'shocking' as it did in the first season. However, it has become more fun to watch. Perhaps an attempt to widen the demographics by Bandai? Not that I am complaining of course. Once again, another scene(those who watch will know which one...) which supports a Lelouch/Kallen ship, which is as you all should know by now is my favorite ship in Code Geass so far. But of course the inclusion of a certain pizza loving green-head at the end of said scene was a bit of a disappointment for me (and I am sure, many other Leleouch/Kallen shippers out there). Perhaps, another hint of a harem ending? LOL!

Also recieved the new Evangelion 1.01 DVD in the mail. Haven't really tested it yet so can't tell if they did repair the chapter skip bug. The intro booklet was interesting though. Looks like a direct translation from the Japanese one. I also added a Miku clock below my chat box. Hope it adds some color to my rather dull blog.

Finally to end of, a message of hope to all my friends out there.

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