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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Of Ice Cream and well wishes...

Song of the moment: UVERworld - Colors of the Heart

Wakariaeru hi wo tomedonaku sagashita
Ushinau tame dake ni ima wo ikiteku
Mou dame da to hitori kodoku wo daitemo
If you turn on the lights...
Hikari he terashiteku

“Negai tsudzukeru omoi itsuka irodzuku yo” to
Oshiete kureta kokoro ni ikitsudzukeru hito
Nanimo kamo hitsuzen no naka de umareru colors
Mou ichido kono te de asu wo egakeru kara

(I searched endlessly for the day of reconciliation
Only for the sake of losing it, I will live for the present
Even when it is useless and I embrace solitude alone
I will shine towards them

“Feelings continuously filled with wishes will someday create colors”,
That’s what I’ve been taught, to be a person who continues to live with this in the heart
Because COLORS are born within anything and everything inevitable
I will paint tomorrow once more with these hands)
Colors of the Heart by UVERworld

Originally wanted to post last night but couldn't get into the Blogspot/Google server, thus the delay. In case any of you don't know, I celebrated my 21st Birthday yesterday with as LITTLE fanfare as possible. I am not the kind who likes those big parties or whatever so just a private one with family is good enough. (Well, the real reason I didn't hold a party was because I didn't want to end up inviting my whole SIM card contact list if you know what I mean...) So thanks to those who sent me Happy Birthday SMSes like Jon, KT, Michelle, Jerline, JY, Angela, Shu Wei, Sheng Yang and SJ. (BTW, it's descending order in which you sent me the SMSes, according to my mobile anyway...LOL) Anyways, I really appreciate that you guys took the time to wish me Happy Birthday so once again, thanks A LOT you guys and God Bless.

Had my Birthday dinner @ Swensens J8. I was really surprised at the quality of their Seafood pasta. Absolutely scrumpu-licious! So much better than PastaMania...hmm, now I know where to go for good pasta, eh? Really enjoyed my Ice Cream too (Hazel Daze) though I couldn't taste the supposed melted marshmallows which was inside the ice cream. The Mango cheese cake my mom bought from Sweet Secrets tasted great too!

Birthday present my mom bought for me was actually a blazer from G2K. Now why, you would ask, would I want a Blazer for my Birthday? Honestly, I've never had a Blazer of my own, nor ever worn one before. So, I thought it would be a nice practical gift...besides, it's my Birthday and I'll get a Blazer if I want to! Now to just find an excuse to wear it...

On another note, I've been listening to a quite a few YUI songs recently. Even went to the extent of downloading "getting" her two albums. Why? Well, I thought her two theme songs for Bleach were pretty good but I really LOVED her ED theme for Seito Shokun called 'My Generation'. Look out for it in my next post...

So nearly a day on, the person whom I really wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday didn't. Those of you who know who, so be it and those of you who don't...well you probably don't need to know. Does it matter really? Honestly, no. I've already made a conscious decision to not be actively involved in the 'process'. When, where and how, maybe even who, I'll leave it in God's hands.
Sometimes, it just hurts too much to want to be in control...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Survivor... (Spoiler Alert: All about Harry Potter Book 7 a.k.a The Redemption of Severus Snape)

Song of the moment: SunSet Swish - Mosaic Kakera (Code Geass 2nd ED theme)

Konna hazu ja nai sou omotte nemuri
Mezamereba itsumo no kawaranai karamawari
Imi mo naku kurikaeshi

Mozaiku kakera hiroi atsumeteta "umaku ikiru tame no sube"
Ibitsu na sore ga utsukushiku mieta n da
Tsuyogari nagara tsumazuki nagara erabinuita michi no ue de
Hagare ochite wa umaranai kakera

(“It shouldn’t be like this,” I sleep while thinking so
And when I wake up, my usual, unchanging, and fruitless efforts
Meaninglessly repeat

The “method for living well” that I’d gathered up in mosaic fragments
It was distorted but seemed beautiful
While I bluff, while I stumble on the road that I’ve chosen to stick to until the end
The fragments peel off and fall, but they won’t be buried)
Mosaic Kakera by SunSet Swish

This post was a bit delayed but it has come. I've finally finished Book 7 last week while in camp. It has been an exciting, fun and at times tiring journey, but it's finally OVER! (Well, save for all the fanfiction out there...) So if any of you reading this haven't read Book 7 yet, I suggest redirecting yourself to another site like this for example...




So in the end our hero lived. Is it really any surprise? To be honest, not really. In my opinion, I couldn't see Rowling actually killing of Harry just to end the series. You always get that, "There's always a silver lining" kind of feel when you're reading HP. Even as the hero's world start to fall apart, there's always a small 'lining' out there somewhere and perhaps it's like a recurring theme in the book. That Good will always triumph over Evil, that there will always be a happy ending somewhere out there.

Continuing on Book 7, I think the most obvious fanservice in the book (albeit perhaps appealing only to a smaller community (893 fics out of 311,013 as shown in on 6th Aug 07)) would probably be the Severus Snape/Lily Potter pairing. I can literally see all the fanfics starting to pop out once this 'best friends but perhaps more' kind of pairing was confirmed. Admittedly, while it did explain quite a few things in the plot like his motivation etc., I still believe this was a fanservice decision by Rowling as with the Tonks/Moony pairing in book 6.

Moving on to something other than HP, I recently watched Paprika with Sheng Yang at The Picturehouse. It was one of those really psychedelic films with lots of visuals and Tschno-ish music. Directed by Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers) and the lead seiyuu being THE Megumi Hayashibara (Rei from Evangelion, Lina Inverse from Slayers), it was an interesting and fun movie though you might not understand the full plot on your first viewing.
Planning to watch Brave Story next.

BTW, is your anime download being marked on the AVPAS list? If so, beware of the Odex letter! To find out more about our local anime 'licensors' (and I really use this word loosely...) and what their really doing, go check out their Wikipedia entry.

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