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Friday, February 10, 2006

Trudging on towards the finish line...

Song of the moment: Little By Little - Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni (Naruto 3rd OP)

souda daiji na mono wa itsumo
katachi no nai mono dake
te ni iretemo nakushitemo

sousa kanashimi wo yasashisa ni
jibun rashisa wo chikara ni
mayoinagarademo ii arukidashite
mou ikkai mou ikkai

(The most important thing is always
Without any shape
Even if you have it or lose it
You'll never know

Turning sadness into kindeness
Your uniqueness into strength
It's okay to get lost so begin walking
Once again, once again)
Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni by Little By Little. This song is dedicated to someone whom I've never seen for a long time. Sometimes you'll feel lost and abandoned by the ones you trust the most, that you don't know the direction you should go in. But, it's okay to get lost once in awhile, as long as you keep walking on the path God has prepared for you...sweet dreams...

This week and the perhaps the next two will probably be one of the most chaotic preriods in my life. With all the projects to do, common tests and exams to study for. Admittedly I am a little lazy (as you can see that I am blogging now instead of rushing through my projects) and don't really work well under pressure. Nonetheless, I continue the struggle towards my diploma. Only 19 more days till the struggle ends. Will I make it through, I honestly don't know. Especially since I've only completed one out of my four projects with the deadlines all occuring within the next 2 weeks. I can only pray that God will pull me through this crucial period of my studies.

Finally took my NAPFA test today (I am very sure Mr Nai SB will be rejoicing right now, one less person to call after all...). As expected, I failed (not as spectacular as I might have hoped but...). This is the result of a lack of a PE module in NYP's curicculum. Well, in a way I passed 50% of it (pass 3, failed 3). It was my 2 'bogey' stations, Pull-Up and Standing Broad Jump and the 2.4KM Run, which failed me in the end. Well, since I still haven't got my MINDEF 'love' letter yet, I still got a chance to avoid the extra 3 months by retaking my NAPFA. But, whether I do it depends on a lot of other factors, especially since I got lots to do before I go to Tekong/HTA/Jalan Bahar...

As some of you might know from my MSN personal message, I've already applied for NTU. Of course, anyone would want to go to the University to further their studies, however, I acknowledge my results aren't exactly University material so I am mentally prepared that they'll reject my application. Anyways, I've filled up the Non-Academic achievements section and thus requires me to ask at least 1 (max. 3) person to fill up an appraisal form for me. I've already got a few people in mind to ask but if any of you are interested just give me a buzz or a tag. Some of you might wonder what courses did I choose for my 5 courses but since I still have the chance to change them, I'll leave it up to you people to do some guesswork. My mum also asked me to apply to NUS but I am still thinking/praying about it.

In 4 days time (or less, depending on when you're reading my entry) will be one of the most dreaded/happiest/sad/boring(?) day in any guy's life, Valentine's Day. Last year's Valentine wasn't exactly fantastic and to be honest, I did hope that I wouldn't be celebrating this year's Valentine's Day alone (or with another guy, AGAIN). Of course the best case scenario would be celebrating it with her but I am realistic. I don't (or at least I try not live in my fantasies (NOT perverted, mind you) and I am perfectly clear on what's at stake here. Especially since I know that we're probably not ready for it yet at this point in our lives. Nonetheless, I certainly hope that one day, my feelings will be reciprocated (in a positive way of course). Whatever happens in future, I'll let God lead the way. And before I forget, I wish in advance (if I don't blog this coming Tuesday) to all my friends and family, past or present, a very happy Valentine's Day.

Before I end of, I actually did some checking and it actually happens to be my Blog's second anniversary of existence. So I wish my blog a happy 2nd Birthday...^_^

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On the final lap...oh, and Happy CNY to all!

Song of the moment: HOME MADE KAZOKU - Shounen Heart (Eureka 7 2nd OP)

Once again I've been neglecting me usually weekly updates. It's a really stressful time for me now, with all the project deadlines coming up and common tests just a week away. Well, come March, I'll have lots of time to spare for blogging, and maybe a little more than that?

Happy CNY to everyone! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Chinese New Year as I have this year (Of course, it could have been more enjoyable...) and may all of you have an even more enjoyable new year. This CNY probably has been a lot more enjoyable and at the same time, stressful then all my previous CNYs. I had a really great time catching up with all my cousins, most of whom I only see 2-3 times a year at most.

I invited a bunch (well, a brilliant bunch at any rate, but still a bunch...) of people from church to come over to my house yesterday (If you want to know, the bunch consists of Jia Wei, Angela, Sebastian, Regina, Michelle, Daniel and Deborah) for fun, laughter and hong bao leeching (lol...just joking). Anyways after the usual formalities, the gaming, talking, eating and sleeping (in MY bed no less) started. Well, all of them LOVED the food (which my parents cooked, one day they'll pass their culinary secrets to me...) and Regina and Jia Wei were practically addicted to my PS2's Midnight Club 3 (Of course looking at them drive, you know they definitely aren't going to pass their driving tests anytime soon...^_^).
Later in the afternoon, all of us (save for Michelle, who had to go for more bai nian-ing) went over to Hougang Mall's K-Box for a Happy Hour singing session. Sang a couple of my favourites like Wang Lee Hom's Wei Yi and Jay Chou's Jie Kou while Angela and Regina went for Fish Leong's Ming Ming Hen Ai Ni and a couple of other Sammi Chang songs. Sebastian's Peng You by Emil Chau was slightly off-key while Deborah really liked her Westlife and Backstreet Boys songs. All in all, Jia Wei and Angela sang most of the songs and the slacker would probably have to go to Daniel, who didn't sing much becuase he had a cough (well, according to him anyway...hmm). Played Billiards after all the girls had left. I really sucked badly in Billiards (I only played it once before this after all...), really got to practice quite a bit to at least match Jia Wei's and Sebastian's standard. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time yesterday thanks to you guys. Also learnt more about other my friends too (not what YOU might think...) so in a way, it was also an 'Educational' trip too.

To whomever it may concern: While I am sure you know this but I would like you to know that I am not alienating you or anything when I chose not to let you in on that particular piece of information. It's more of a result when I decided to do some 'damage control'. However, if you are still interested, I would suggest you analyse all sources, whether direct on in-direct and other little pieces of information you might have picked up and come to your own conclusions...after all, if he can do it, so can you.

Strange how time passes so fast. It seemed like it was only last week when I decided to go SKMC and yesterday when I first 'met' her. Of course in reality, about 10 months have already passed since 40 DOP in SKMC. While admittedly I haven't tied up all my loose ends, I haven't regretted my decision to switch to SKMC (Hmm...I might have already mentioned this a couple of months ago but nevermind...). Not only that, my desicion also allowed me to meet really wonderful people I would otherwise not know had I not chose come over.

On the final lap of my poly life, 1 week away from my common test, 2 weeks away from my final project submission dates and 4 weeks away from the last exam I probably ever will take in NYP. Admittedly, it might not have been my dream course, but I am glad I lasted all the way. Come March, I'll be able to move my thoughts to things like registering at SSDC, gaming and perhaps _____?

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