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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Patience to take it slow...

Song of the moment: Gackt - Metamorphoze (Mobile Suit Z Gundam: A New Translation Movie Theme)

yureru kodou ga boku wo shibaritsukeru
kimi no kakera ga fukai yami ni ochita
nigeru koto sae yurusarenai sekai de
kimi no koto dake ha mamoritakatta no ni

ima mo...ima demo dareka no yasashii kotoba yori
kimi no, kimi dake no kuchibiru ni sotto furetai

(The wavering vibrations tied me down
As the fragments of you fell into the deep darkness
In a world where not even running is allowed
I only wanted to protect you

And now...Even now, more than anyone else's kind words
I want to softly touch your lips, only yours)
Metamorphoze by Gackt

Sorry for missing last week's update. I've been busy...again. Mainly with my Unified Messaging System project which I, despite all the odds, actually managed to complete it. Was also out doing Christmas shopping on Thursday and Friday, which really left me little time to do anything else. Such is the life of a 3rd year MIT student in NYP.

Anyways, starting with the Christmas Eve celebrations in SKMC. Started with the dinner in church and carolling around Sengkang. The adult cell we were attached to didn't inform us that they were leaving and left us waiting in Church until Reverend Lek came and asked us what we were doing in church. Despite the initial hiccup, the carolling went rather well and I thankfully didn't lose my voice.
Then came TimeOut with the rest of the youth at Fort Canning Park. It was rather tiring (no sleep at all from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day) and maybe a little chaotic, but it was fun nonetheless. Started out with the Countdown and randomly spraying people with...erm...spray stuff. Then the usual games, impromptu skit, sharing by Jia Zhi and the discussion session where I was discussion leader assigned to Ming Kiat and Zhiliang. Ming Kiat was...Ming Kiat while Zhiliang, being the first time for me actually talking to him, seemed very cynical of things. If NS really makes people cynical, then I'll really dread it. I am hoping and praying that I'll be able to grow in character and at the same time, 'stay myself' during NS.
Finally the Christmas Day celebrations back in church. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't get any sleep at all but I somehow survived, the Confirmation, Christmas Service etc. Ah yes, I was confirmed and received into membership on Christmas at SKMC (This you'll know if you read my last post). It was, in a way. There was an incident which as Daniel calls it, made us 'the center of attention'. Of course those who attended the Christmas service (which included Yap Xiong and I would like to thank him for coming. I really appreciated his presence there...Sorry for not having time to show you around the place and to intro you to some people) would know and since Daniel didn't elaborate on it in his blog, neither will I. Went to Daniel's house later for a Christmas lunch with Seb, Wan Zhen, Sheryl, Joe and Ming Kiat. Initially, I was wondering why I should go, especially since I REALLY wanted to catch up on my sleep but it was worth it. Exchanging sleep for Oat Prawns(I think...) is worth it. (PS to Daniel Tay: Please talk to you-know-who about you-know-what during you-know-when (lol)...I am very sure you would not allow yourself and the rest of our cell to be subject to such atrocities on such a day)

This week happens to be holiday week for us NYP students. This allows us to catch up on some much needed rest and recreation, a little bit of homework and start planning for our to-be-submitted-on-Week 14 projects. I really thank God for this break, which just nicely, came at the end of a very eventful week. Played a little of Radiata Stories. I had no idea the game was this addictive (actually I only play the game in the afternoons). I've also started planning for this coming January's Bible Quiz-thingy. I've got the flow more or less done (subject to approval, of course) but still got the trivia questions to come up with. Pray for me, yeah?

Although somethings didn't go as planned and for others there simply wasn't even an opportunity, I am happy with the status-quo. I think God is telling me to be patient about it. We've still got a long way to go after all. Let's pray for the patience to take it slow...for now anyway.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I want to see it again...

Song of the moment: ORANGE RANGE - *~Asterisk~ (BLEACH 1st OP theme)

miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari
inishie no omoi negai ga jidai wo koe
iroaseru KOTO naku todoku
KIRARI hitomi ni utsuru dareka no sakebi

kaze ni omoi wo tsuki ni negai wo
chikara aru kagiri ikiteikunda kyou mo
bokura no omoi mo itsuka dareka no mune ni
hikari tsuzukeyou ano hoshi no you ni

(Rays of light from the stars in the night sky above
send a plea from across the ages
with colours that haven't faded
It's somebody's cry, reflected in those sparkling eyes

A wish carried on the wind, a request from the moon
to live as fully as possible, day by day
So that our wishes, too, will be in someone's heart someday,
let's shine on like that star)
*~Asterisk~ by ORANGE RANGE

I hope...I want to see it again. Its moments like these which makes it worth the while...

Sorry about the no-show for the past two weeks. I was busy with my pre-HK and post-HK preparations. As most of you might know, I came back from a short holiday in Hong Kong last week and bought lots of stuff ^_^. I finally acquired my Mk.II Gundam MG ver. 2.0 and a pair of Levi's N3BP in HK among other things. Probably the only thing you can do in HK nowadays is shopping which I obviously did a lot of. Throughout the 7 days my family was there, we did like 50% shopping, 45% eating and 5% sight-seeing. Enjoyed myself there and may or may not post up the holiday photos, depending on time constraints.

Saturday was KJE(Korean-Japanese Express) in SKMC, though the only thing Korean there was Ken blasting BoA songs over the speakers. We all learnt how to make sushi there, but it being our first attempt, we obviously didn't do very well. Samuel and Michelle's group, who were right behind mine, made some 'Ai Xin' rice ball which probably was the reason they actually won first prize. Michelle did the slides for FFW later (I was a little worried since I didn't recieve this week's FFW email). FFW ended early too, which was a good thing as it enabled me to watch Liverpool's 2-nil win against Middlesbrough in its entirety (Yes, Morientes rocks!).
Last Sunday was Daniel Tay's birthday and I would like to wish him a very Happy 16th Birthday. Hope you throughly enjoyed yourself on Sunday.

This week will be one of the busiest week's for me, with 3 reports and a project due the week after this. The reports shouldn't be much of a problem, it's the UMS project which worries me. Sadly, I'll probably end up using SJ's source code to do most of the project. I'll try my best to inject some originality into the project though. Later I'll be making my way down to school for a NTU talk, not only to find out how to apply but also in a way to guage my prospect of actually making it into NTU's Computer Engineering/Science and Communication Studies Degree courses, especially since my results aren't exactly flying colours. Kris and Kiat will be coming with me, so I won't be going 'solo'.

10 days to TimeOut and 11 days to Christmas/Baptism and Membership ceremony. Really looking forward to it and the excitement is kind of slowly building up inside of me. I guess I am not only excited about TimeOut and Christmas, but also because I believe Christmas is a time of change, a time for miracles perhaps. Last Christmas, my life was changed, sort of. I learnt lessons, some tougher than others but I did learn from my mistakes(I hope I did anyway...). I believe some things might change this year. For better or for worse, I don't know and probably won't know till Dec 24th/25th. Though I still pray and hope for my wish to be granted, I put everything into God's hands...Hopefully what I want is also what God wants for me.

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